Photographers in Malawi to learn leadership and business management skills



Photographers in Malawi’s southern region and the national executive will learn leadership and business management skills, to equip them with competences that would enable the participants spearhead the association with efficiency and effectiveness at the same time knowing how best to nurture their photographic skills into a profitable undertaking, newstimeafrica has learnt.

To be held in the country’s commercial city of Blantyre, the two-day training is scheduled for Thursday January 10 and Friday January 11 2013 the association’s president Lucky Zerembe Mkandawire disclosed in an interview Wednesday that the participants have been drawn from the association’s various sub-committees as well as the national executive committee.

“It is true that we are holding a leadership and business management training for our members. The main purpose is to train the leaders on good leadership and also on how they can manage their photography businesses.

“As an association, we hope that this training provides proven ideas that may be used to enhance a person’s existing skills and increase their personal effectiveness as a leader,” Mkandawire revealed.

The Photama president lamented that most photographers do not take the art of photography as a serious business yet there is an economic potential in it and that it is the association’s desire that photographers in the country rise above being domestic photographers and that the membership base is broadened.

“It is sad to note that even the photographers themselves do not view their art as a viable business such that most of them take it as a casual business yet there is ‘gold’ in photography.

“The training will help them realize that and at the same time make them good leaders so that the activities of the association continue to grow,” the president said.

Photographers Association of Malawi (Photama) is an umbrella body of the country’s photographers. In December last year, the association held a similar training in the northern region. Members in the country’s central region will be exposed to a similar schooling next month, the president disclosed.

The Photama president further disclosed that the trainings are made possible with funding from the Royal Norwegian government through a Cultural support scheme administered by the Copyright right society of Malawi.

Photama was established in 1998 and has for the past 15 years held various training workshops like in digital photography, business and marketing skills, women in photography, technical skills development, copyright and piracy, ICT use, electronic news gathering and editing, TV documentary, Photography and HIV/AIDS, among others.

The association, Mkandawire said, has also managed to send photographers to attend training workshops and meetings abroad like in Sweden, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana and Germany.

“It has also conducted several solo and joint photographic exhibitions across the country including assisting members to organize their own,” the Photama president added.

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