Frank Timis with African Minerals staff in Sierra Leone

Frank Timis with African Minerals staff in Sierra Leone

Frank Timis, the Chairman of African Minerals and the emperor of West African Mining has recently visited Sierra Leone after his tour of four (4) other countries in West Africa where he has his business interests. He went to Sierra Leone to spend a few days with his employees. As a billionaire, who chairs the Timis Corporation, the controlling shareholder in African Minerals (the third largest iron ore exporter in the world and the largest in West Africa), African petroleum (the largest concession holder in the West Africa oil margin) and Pan-African Minerals (largest in Uranium, Manganese, and iron ore deposit in West Africa). his company has the largest number of employees in West Africa, with a workforce exceeding over 20,000 people across the region, Timis has once more demonstrated why he is held in such high regard across Africa.

His response to the Ebola virus threat across the sub-region of West Africa, is clear manifestation of his love and passion for the continent and its economic development. While other companies were withdrawing staff and issuing press releases in reaction to the Ebola threat, Timis came to West Africa to sensitize his workforce and to prepare them for precautionary measures the company was taking to protect its interests and that of the communities it works in. There was no knee-jerk reaction, instead what has been seen is outstanding support to the government and people of this West African State to deal with the Virus and stamp out the threat it poses to communities across the region. The Mining magnate has been steadfast in his company’s corporate social responsibilities and has responded positively to the crisis by expressing his desire to lend a hand at this most troubling times, to the people of this region. Timis with his group of companies has invested over four (4) billion USD in mining and petroleum industries across the sub-Saharan region of Africa.

The Chairman of African Minerals also used his trip to Sierra Leone as a confidence boosting opportunity to senior staff and all employees of Africa Minerals. Frank Timis informed his staff that the Company has put all mechanisms in place to prevent them from contracting the Ebola disease. “I will be spending a few more days with you in Sierra Leone and I will be meeting with Government officials to discuss my Company’s continuous support and collaboration in order to contain the spread of Ebola and not to allow the disease to affect the people of Sierra Leone, the economy and the operations of Africa Minerals.

Timis addressing staff at African Minerals

Timis addressing staff at African Minerals

Mr. Frank Timis had a meeting in Pepel and Tonkolili with thousands of employees were he shook hands with cross sections of the community and gave assurances that Africa Minerals will work with Government to prevent the spread of the Ebola disease. He maintained that as a Company, he will ensure that the employees of Africa Minerals remain safe at all times. Mr. Timis will spend the next few days across his projects in Sierra Leone meeting with local and Government stakeholders to continue with his sensitization.

In an exclusive interview on the phone, Mr. Timis said as the captain of the ship, he will be the last to jump out. Timis has indeed shown he is a true friend of Sierra Leone and will stand by the government and people at this difficult time when others with business interests in the country are turning their backs, and leaving, despite the dire need to support the vulnerable people of this wonderful and hospitable country. Frank Timis has proven for many years his devoted hearth to Sierra Leone and the rest of West Africa. Also his stakeholders from China (Shandong, CRM etc) are strongly behind Mr Timis and the entire workforce in Sierra Leone and West Africa.  Timis’ love for West Africa can only be matched by his desire to ensure the region becomes economically prosperous.

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