Raila Odinga continues his ranting as President Uhuru Kenyatta says no to power sharing in Kenya Odinga has become a nuisance in Kenyan politics and a threat to national security

Raila Odinga - Quest for power

Raila Odinga – Quest for power

Despite being given the finger by the Kenyan electorate, power-hungry former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga,  is still vying for a place in the governance of  the country, and even going to the extent of calling for power to be shared with the ruling Jubilee Coalition, who won the last election in a landslide that saw Raila Odinga finally confined to the annals of the political history of this East African state.  Odinga’s repeated interference in the governance of the country has become tasteless. He has tried his hands in everything to frustrate the current administration. He was the one who it is reported made calls for Kenyatta and Ruto to be tried at the Hague after the post election violence in 2007.

Odinga, who has made several attempts to run for the country’s top job with ceaseless defeats at the poll, continues to see himself as the rightful occupant of Statehouse. And Kenya’s constitution is clear, the mandate of the people is final. But Raila, hungry for power like his late dad Oginga, continues to criticize the current government at every opportunity he has and is now asking for power to be shared. The reckless political aspirations of this former Prime Minister has seen him even demanding security detail – provisions only made available to senior government officials. He somewhat still considers himself as Prime Minister, and recently requested a grand reception on his return from one of those his erratic foreign trips he uses to make daft political statements to Kenyans in the Diaspora.

Odinga wanted his return felt across the nation with recognition such as befitting a head of state. Odinga need to get over the fact that he will never be President of Kenya. He simply does not have the political makeup to rule the country. He is seen as a fermentor of tribal discord and an unstable pair of hands to be handed any reins of power. His incessant quest for some sort of political stage and power has been constantly rejected and his insatiable hunger for power is seen as a sign of political weakness by many who do not trust him at all. It has been reported in the past that Odinga’s election campaign around his Luo tribal bases has been featured with promises to take land from Kikuyu’s and hand them over to Luo’s. A strategy he hoped would have helped him solidify his political base. But this only made the Kikuyus more determined than ever and galvanised them to prevent Odinga from ever ascending the throne of Kenya’s leadership.

During this year’s  Madaraka Day celebrations at the Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi, President Kenyatta said he was prepared to engage in talks with the opposition on issues facing the country especially on how to reduce the public wage bill and the national threats posed by terrorism.Kenyatta held back no punches as he responded to the recent ultimatum given by the CHORD leader Odinga, giving the government until July 7 to convene a national dialogue conference. The President wa emphatic as he switched to the native Kiswahili: “Jana nilisikia wale wenzetu wakisema wanataka tuongee kama wakenya. Niko tayari kuongea na viongozi wote. He made it abundantly clear that his government would not get involved in any power sharing arrangement with Odinga. The head of state reiterated that as a government they were elected by the public to lead the country for five years and they will do that “That matter about a half loaf will not be there” Kenyatta stressed amidst  loud cheering from the crowd.

Former Vice President, Kalonzo Musyoko, one of the principals of CHORD, had on Saturday suggested  that Jubilee should form an all inclusive government and that the opposition must be involved in the country’s governance. Raila Odinga is claiming that CORD’s intervention is being driven by a growing feeling that the government has lost touch with the pains of ordinary Kenyans who he said were struggling with house rent, bus fare, school fees and the high cost of basic commodities like milk and unga.” But Odinga may have forgotten that he had spent a considerable time as Prime Minister in another power sharing arrangement with President Mwai Kibaki and has little to show for his time in government. Despite this lack of achievement, his ranting continues alongside his gluttonous hunger for power.

Odinga who claims to be a distant relative of Barack Obama seems determined not to be phased by the current political trend in the country as he continues his unrepentant drive to become part of Kenya’s governance, albeit a truly unproductive and fruitless endeavour.

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