Drinking from the same defamation jug – The truth about the messed-up Messeh Kamara

Messed-up - Abu Bakarr Messeh Kamara

Messed-up – Abu Bakarr Messeh Kamara

I have been reading derogatory writings before, but the one by someone calling himself Pipul Pikin about Junior Navo astonished me. When I read it, and knowing what went on between these two guys, I felt as if there was no Sierra Leonean that believe in true and genuine patriotism. Let me just quote this guy “My report is criticized by the youth and the media because the media specialist at African Minerals is a Youth Ambassador and has a string of newspapers under his control, and the people and journalists are afraid to openly criticize the government. “What I reported is not too different from a similar report published by Mr. Gabrielle of the World Bank in Freetown”, Dr. Peligal emphasized. So who is the Youth Ambassador at the 419 African Minerals ”

This is what this guy will insinuate against someone who has been so hard working as a young man in Sierra Leone. Saying but as little as I know, Junior Navo has been one of the young persons in Sierra Leone that has boldly come out to challenge the domination of old people in that country. He has quickly worked himself into the fold of old people and pierced through them to obtain keenly contested positions in one of the leading political parties. When the SLPP lost and happened to be the then party of Junior Navo, he stayed away from mainstream politics and concentrated on building young people into valuable adulthood and therefore created the appropriate platform where this will happen. He started with having a radio station where young people will have the chance to voice out their concerns. He added that with  a Newspaper and other businesses.

Junior Navo has been a respected young man that will respect anyone that is even one year older than him. The thing that make me wonder is that; the said Pipul Pikin was rescued by Junior Navo himself when he was a street child in Freetown. Junior Navo gave moral and financial support to Pipul Pikin. He, Junior Navo, has been supportive to so many street children in Freetown which action was very helpful to children of that country including Pipul Pikin.

Now that it has been found that some Sierra Leoneans will go against progressive young men, I believe we should also come out to tell these people that are doing this the hard truth. It’s not worth anything to read trash posted by people that will want to make their presence known by destroying ambitious and development oriented young people. What should be the motive for such actions? If someone like Junior Navo will be pulled to drop down after all what this young man is doing, I will want to ask what else should one do to be appreciated as a  Sierra Leonean? Those that sit in their corners and feel it is intriguing to destroy another person are the ones that are likely to fall into a massive holes with no option to be rescued.

Pipul Pikin as I know him is one of the children that were said to be neglected by their parents and later on became an orphan. It was Junior Navo and some of us in the background that helped him to stand on his leg so as to create example for other Sierra Leonean children that may be out there in the street. Junior Navo played a very great role in creating that particular project. At a time Junior was labelled as one that is wasting his resources on people that will be ingrates in the long term. That is what we have started to see now. Pipul Pikin has just posted the above quote to pay Junior Navo for all he (junior Navo) has been doing for young people and street children in Sierra Leone.

There is  a JUG in Sierra Leone that every Sierra Leonean that think has grown up will like to drink; its called the DEFAMATION JUG. This is where some Sierra Leoneans will drink and get drunk then start to spew out bad bile at people who are determined to effect sober changes in the country. What else!!!?? What else will anyone do to make Sierra Leone a better place to live? This is disgusting.

Update: Messed-up Messeh Kamara called Newstime Africa publisher Ahmed Kamara and made threatening remarks. Law enforcement agencies will be informed and action taken.

First published 3rd March 2014

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