10 cool places in the world to spend the night – and Sierra Leone is one of them says cheaplfights.com

The website that gets you cheap flights to some of the world’s best holiday destinations: cheapflights.com is saying that the West African nation of Sierra Leone is one of the world’s ten coolest places to spend the night. Testament of the outstanding  work the president and government have done to turn things round in this once war-torn country, transforming it into a world-class tourist destination in just over 5 years. The Head of State has won accolades from around the world and the admiration of world leaders including U.S. president Barack Obama, for his steadfast leadership and his commitment to democratic principles, national development, and upholding the rule of law. Sierra Leone is now one of the easiest places to do business in the world attracting major Multi-Million dollar companies like African Minerals. The country boosts the most draconian anti-corruption laws across the Sub-Sahara African region. The transformation taking place in Sierra Leone is unprecedented across the African continent. With a brand new International Airport on the horizon, 5 star hotels sprawling across the coastline, and arguably the most beautiful women across West Africa, with golden sandy beaches inviting your dive, its difficult not to realize your dreams as you get soaked in the beautiful sunshine paradise with blue-sea coated beaches unseen across the entire African coastline.    In its latest piece on travel entitled: “Not your average accommodations: 10 cool places to spend the night” this is what cheapflights.com wrote about the 10 cool sleeping spots including Sierra Leone: 

Travelers, get ready to rest your head in some rather unusual places. From a tree house to a bus and a “nest” to an igloo, these awesome sleeping spots go (way) beyond your average accommodations. So, step aside, traditional hotels: Spend the night in one of these 10 cool sleeping spots instead.

Tribewanted, John Obey Beach, Sierra Leone, Africa

Join this sustainable beachfront community for a chance to bunk in anything from an Earth Dome to a bungalow. You’ll fall asleep next to the fishing town of John Obey and, during the day, become fully absorbed in this eco-village – part of Tribewanted’s eco-tourism efforts. Clean bedding, mosquito nets and towels are provided, and hammocks and fresh seafood are never out of reach. Take part in community projects, help cook meals or just relax and soak up the beauty of Sierra Leone’s Freetown peninsula.

Alcoves (Image: © Tribewanted)











John Obey Beach (Image: © Tribewanted)


Earth Dome (Image: © Tribewanted)











Inside an Earth Dome (Image: © Tribewanted)











Night falls on an Earth Dome (Image: © Tribewanted)











Beachfront bungalow (Image: © Tribewanted)












We have not included the other 9 destinations, but if you are interested in reading and finding out about them, please head to this link on cheapflights.com:  Link

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