Muslims in Malawi condemn dancing at political rallies



The Muslim leadership in Malawi has condemned the growing tendency by politicians in engaging their faithful to entertain people through singing and dancing at political rallies.

Malawi goes to the polls on May 20 this year and although the Malawi Electoral Commission has not yet opened the campaign period, political parties and individual politicians are already in the field selling their manifestos to woo voters, and some of them are parading Muslim women among other singing and dancing groups, which has not gone down well with the Muslim leadership.

Leaders of different Islamic groups have expressed some reservations over the development and have since criticized politicians for making Muslim women to dance at their political rallies.

On Sunday February 24 2014 representatives from over 20 Muslim groups were on a sensitization mission to Muslim women in Blantyre where Sheikh Muhamed Uthman of the Mufti of Malawi observed that the practice of taking Muslim women to political rallies in their Hijab (Muslim women attire) is undermining the integrity of the Islamic faith.

The Sheik however pointed out that the development should not be interpreted as barring Muslim women from attending political rallies or associating with others. He explained that what is out of order is the act of dancing while in an Islamic attire at a political rally since it demeans the religion.

On her part, the National Coordinator of Quadria Muslims Association of Malawi, Caroline Bwanali Mussa, noted that politicians sometimes take advantage of the ignorance and poverty to exploit fellow citizens like to take the women to political rallies for their personal gains.

She said that the politicians do take advantage of the ignorance of the women and also their poverty, as such they give them handouts to sing at political rallies which she said is wrong especially considering that some religious songs are converted into secular songs to please the political masters.

The Muslim leaders wondered why it is only the Muslim Women who are exposed to such a practice when their Christian counterparts who have several Women Groups and Guilds are not paraded or seen going to sing or dance at political rallies.

The leaders, who expressed hope that the tendency might change after conducting more sensitization meetings, questioned the sanity of replacing the name of God with that of a politician, and why the Muslim faithful has forgotten that it is not in order in the Islamic faith, a woman to stand before men and dance.

Ironically, the condemned act is done in the face of some big time political leaders who are of the Islamic faith.

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