President Banda sends running-mate in the field after nomination papers presentation

Malawi President Joyce Banda

Malawi President Joyce Banda

As if to underline the confidence she has in her running mate, Peoples Party (PP) Presidential candidate Dr. Joyce Banda has disclosed that her running mate will Friday launch a programme of Motor cycle taxis in Blantyre.

Dr. Banda, who is the Malawi leader, made the disclosure at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre Thursday February 13 2014, saying the function will take place at Njamba Freedom Park where the two will straight from presentation of presidential nomination papers hold a rally to among other things market their candidature and party manifesto.

“Honourable Gwengwe will tomorrow (Friday) launch a special Kabanza (Taxi) programme at Njamba Freedom Park together with his fellow Youth Minister Honourable (Enock) Chakufwa Chihana because we want our youth to progress.

“As Ministers of Trade and Youth (respectively), the two will also make sure vocational training is offered in a manner that empowers our youth to be entrepreneurs and offer job creation and not just rely on being employed,” explained President Banda at the time he announced the name of Gwengwe as her running mate.

It is however not clear whether the party will sustain the Kabanza programme and also offer some fuel starter packs.

In nearly every corner of Malawi there are bicycle taxis called by several names like Kabaza, Zobanduka and Dampa, depending in the district where the business is taking place, with a few places having Motor bike taxis.

MEC schedule from Monday had it that 2014 Presidential hopefuls and their running mates from the Democratic Progressive Party, United Independence Party, Malawi Congress Party, Peoples Progressive Movement, United Democratic Front, Chipani Cha Pfuko, Umodzi Party, National Salvation Front, New Labour Party present their respect papers by Thursday.

The exercise ends Friday same week with the Peoples Party, Mafunde Party and Peoples Transformation Party in that order.

Although official campaign period starts next month parties and politicians have already started selling their manifestos to the 7.5 million registered people to instil confidence in them and beg for their valuable vote.

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