Arrested Zambians freed after paying fine in Malawi

Zambian Chief Calls for amicable solution to cross boarder wrangles



A traditional leader in Zambia has called upon authorities in Zambia and Malawi to find a long lasting solution on cross-border matters affecting people of the two countries so that the historical good neighborliness of the former British colonies is not spoiled.

The call comes amid allegations that Zambians usually find it tough in Malawi yet their counterparts enjoy all the freedoms when they are in Zambia, such that they do conduct their business without any hurdles, a situation which is different with the Zambians while in Malawi.

There was no immediate reaction from Lusaka and Lilongwe but just last month 28 Zambians were arrested during an operation Malawian officials from the Parks and Wildlife conducted on the western part of Kasungu National Park which boarders Zambia.

From the 28, three were acquitted while five were given suspended sentences and 20 were given a fine which none managed to pay, hence imprisoned, and this week 15 of the arrested are out of jail after their comrades in Zambia went to Malawi to pay the fines imposed by the Courts.

However Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in Zambia has advised the Zambian and Malawian governments to quickly find an amicable solution to cross-border matters that are somehow affecting the country’s citizens.

The Zambians were charged with various charges that included illegal entry into a protected area, residing in a protected area without permission, cultivating in a protected area without permit, illegal destruction of trees in a protected area, illegal settlement, and conveying offensive weapons into the park.

The area the Zambians were caught in is reportedly prone to high-level encroachment and poaching, and during the operation, Malawian officials discovered that the Zambians had not only settled in the restricted area but were also cutting down trees.

The Zambian Chief told a publication in the country that some well-wishers in the country are contemplating of rescuing the remaining five.

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