Burkina Faso Receives US $50.66 Million Grant for Drainage of Ouagadougou Districts

Blaise Compaore - Burkina Faso President

Blaise Compaore – Burkina Faso President

TUNIS, Tunisia, October 10, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ – Burkina Faso will receive a US $50.66 million (UA 33.02 million) grant to finance a drainage and solid waste management project in the outlying districts of Ouagadougou. The sub-project was approved by the African Development Bank Group (http://www.afdb.org) on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 in Tunis.

Based on studies conducted by the African Water Facility in 2012, the sub-project aims to tackle drainage and solid waste management issues, and constitutes the backbone of all future operations in the sector.

The projected outcomes include: (i) development of the entire length (4,140 m) of the Mogho Naaba backwater and its tributaries; (ii) the construction of 68 solid-waste collection and sorting centres; and (iii) the development of 22 landfill cells.

The sub-project focuses on the outlying districts where approximately 890,000 people or 45% of the city’s population live. On completion, the project is expected to significantly reduce recurrent floods in these districts during the rainy season.

It will also help to: (i) improve solid waste management; (ii) create over 2,160 temporary jobs during the implementation and 1,300 permanent jobs for women and youths working in the solid waste management system; (iii) reduce the prevalence of waterborne diseases; and (iv) strengthen Ouagadougou City Council’s financial capacity.

The monitoring and evaluation system to be implemented will generate relevant information on the sub-project’s impact on the reduction of floods and improvement of the people’s living environment. The sub-project will help to disseminate experiences and best practices in the design, management and maintenance of drainage facilities.

The sub-project will be implemented over a period of four years at an estimated cost of US $56.73 million (UA 36.98 million). The African Development Fund (ADF) grant will cover 89.3% of the overall sub-project cost, while the combined contributions of the Government (UA 2.87 million) and Ouagadougou City Council (UA 1.09 million) represent 10.7% of the total cost.

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of the African Development Bank (AfDB).


African Development Bank (AfDB)

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