The second coming of Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana – Vice President of Sierra Leone

Vice President of Sierra Leone - Samuel Sam-SumanaThe return of Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana to the pinnacle of power was seen by many people as impossible mission by any measure. Several months leading to the November 2012 Parliamentary and Presidential elections Chief Sumana was confronted with barrage of insult and character assassination from critics within his own Party and Opposition Parties in attempt to destroy any chance of him becoming the Vice President for the second time. Chief Sumana is a VP with a difference akin to a rabbit always ahead of his predator; Chief Sumana is relentlessly a step ahead of his critics who want to bring him down.

Despite the pressure exerted on Chief Sumana, he made his majestic return to State House in a grand style as Vice President to the shock of his rivals; who were left hanging their heads in shame for the failed plot against him.

The in fight among the APC members particularly so against Chief Sumana is anyone’s guesses, the Presidency. Sources disclose that the conspiracy against Chief Sumana is to stop him from being the APC Presidential flag bearer for 2017. But what his rivals failed to understand is that Chief Sumana is a kono indigene he has everything in his favour to become the next President of Sierra Leone. His chances are two fold; Kono as a swing District and Kono as the economic power house of Sierra Leone.

As a swing District; Kono determines which political party wins Parliamentary and Presidential elections in the country. And Kono as the economic backbone of Sierra Leone contributing to the general development of the entire country; yet the District is denied the privileges accorded to other Districts justifies Chief Sumana’s chances for the Presidency. Even the people in the North, South and the Western parts of the country can attest to this and they want to see Kono get a fair share of the political dispensation of this Sierra Leone. Chief Sumana becoming the President of Sierra Leone is one of them. Moreover, the general understanding among Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad is that their support for Kono to take the Presidency will not waver in attempt to ensure a fair share of leadership in the political landscape of the country.

Fast forward; in 2007 Chief Sumana entered the APC fold; Kono District then lost its status as a swing District and became an APC strong hold changing the entire politics of the District, if not the country as a whole. Once again in November 2012 general elections, the political facet of Kono District transformed for the better in favour of APC, with Chief Sumana and his political allies in Kono delivered 80% of the total number of votes cast in the entire District to the APC party. A onetime pendulum District became APC stronghold because of Chief Sam Sumana’s presence in the Party.

In his first five year term in office as Vice President was rocked by series of allegations henceforth he became a stronger VP; standing tall above pettiness and focused on important matters geared towards development of the country. Most of the allegations against Chief Sumana were engineered by unscrupulous politicians, business men and the Opposition party members. The TAEKO allegations and the Aljazeera timber documentary were seen as the final straw that was to bring Chief Sam down and end his political career once and for all. But it was not to be. His rivals spent sleepless nights orchestrating plots which was doomed in the end; and Chief Sumana return to office unscathed. What does this tell us about Chief Sumana? Interesting epigram but will have to wait for another day.

It is often easily said than done – to bring a good man down for no apparent reason; particularly so Chief Sumana with 99 lives similar to a cat is a huge task to accomplish and is not for the faint hearted. An unshaken Chief Sumana dismissed the allegations and went on with his duties as usual because the allegations were fabrications to get him out of office. What happened next is a story in itself – continue reading.

At the time of going to the press Chief Sumana has kissed and embraced his assailants and opened his doors to them well coming friends and foes alike. His open door policy and his forgiven heart, his fair treatment of all and sundry makes his rivals decide to rally behind him has the APC party flag bearer for 2017. “Forgive me Sir; I was hoodwinked into hating you for no reason” one of the plotters (name withheld) asking Chief Sumana for forgiveness for the part he played in the plot to assassinate his character and reduce his support among Sierra Leoneans and more so in Kono, his place of birth.

As he embarks on his second term as VP; we have started to see changes in what Chief Sumana does best. As a well groomed and seasoned politician he is prepared to take the mantle forward from where President Koroma stops. He has successfully passed the test of times; Sierra Leoneans will see the real Chief Sumana, his talent; his commitment to nation building and bringing the nation together as one people.

In the last three months Chief Sumana has shown to the world what he can do; especially in education; health, infrastructure and helping the depraved through the provision of basic amenities to serve their need. Chief Suman’s love for his people and country is beyond measure; which is part and parcel of his plans for the next four and half years and beyond.

In previous years Chief Sumana was accused of being weak and laid back leader. Whether this is true or not, we have not seen any of these traits in him. What is clear about him is that he is a man with principles and does everything by the letter, so he hardly goes wrong. His determination is to bring an immeasurable change for the betterment of Sierra Leone and its people.  He will continue to do so until such a time when the people of this country will vote for him and his party to continue the legacy of the APC party and his superior President Koroma.


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