Introducing Sierra Leone’s erudite Information and Communication Minister – Alhaji Alpha Kanu

The eloquent Alpha Kanu –  Minister of Information and Communication

The eloquent Alpha Kanu – Minister of Information and Communication

After the November 2012 elections in Sierra Leone, i was one of those waiting anxiously and looking forward to President Ernest Bai Koroma’s new cabinet formation. I knew it was going to be a formidable line-up of some of the country’s finest as the Head of State was keen on implementing a new Agenda for Prosperity, and he needed a team of talented individuals to help him achieve a successful second-term tenure.

Attention to detail is one thing the Head of State is not lacking of; an astute political craftsman who has a penchant for being unpredictable, and gives nothing away when it comes to picking members of his inner circle team, especially his cabinet.  I knew he had to get it right, as it was important for his legacy to be sustained as Sierra Leone’s most productive and successful leader since independence.

When it was announced that Alpha Kanu was the new Information Minister, I was a bit surprised but not shocked as it suddenly hit me as to why President Koroma named one of the country’s most eloquent and outstanding public servants to manage his information agenda.

A lot has been written about Kanu since he first appeared in the Koroma cabinet just after the 2007 election, when he took up appointment as the first Presidential Affairs Minister working directly with the Head of State at State House. Most of what has been written has been total hogwash and trash-laden: a concoction of fabricated innuendos and deliberate distortion of the facts by some of Sierra Leone’s most notorious cash-and-carry journalists who spend time digging and dishing dirt to an unsuspecting and gullible readership who yearn for anything controversial to spark political debates on the draughts board.

Kanu has played a significant role in the re-election of President Koroma and continues to be a close confidant of his as he sets out to implement a crucial agenda aiming  to lift the country out of its abysmal poverty environment structure to a self-sustaining economy, and one that can be less dependent on foreign aid and assistance.

Alpha Kanu, a mining engineer by profession, attended the St. Francis Secondary in Makeni and graduated as a Science student. After graduation, Kanu attended Fourah Bay College in Freetown and later proceeded to the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom where he received a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in geophysics.

Alpha Kanu brings into his new office an impeccable and distinguished career, spanning over 30 years of remarkable public service; from being an administrator in the mining industry,  to an illustrious academic profession serving at the country’s top University;  and then entering politics with a proven track record as a political maverick who helped negotiate the ruling party’s ascendancy to power.



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