FBI Agent fatally shot Florida man in Boston bombing investigation

Killed by the FBI in OrlandoA Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent shot a man – described as a suspect – on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida during an interview that resulted in a shooting incident which left the man dead, the FBI said.

The deceased, identified as Ibragim Todashev, 27, was being interviewed by the FBI agent along with other law enforcement personnel from the Massachusetts area when, according to the FBI, the suspect initiated a violent confrontation.

The agent was reported to have sustained injuries during the confrontation that are non-life threatening.

Friends of the man told the media in Florida that, the FBI had been investigating him about two days after the Boston Marathon bombings.

“The FBI agent is assigned to the Boston FBI Office and the interview was in connection with the Boston Bombing investigation,” a Bureau spokesman, David Couvertier, confirmed to Newstime Africa.

A post-shooting review team dispatched from Washington, DC has arrived in Orlando and is initiating an investigation into the shooting incident.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Todashev reportedly lunged at the FBI agent with a knife during the interview, and the law-enforcement officer fired.

Newstime Africa asked the FBI how Todashev was able to get hold of knife in an interview conducted by them (FBI).

Couvertier replied that: “The post-shooting team will determine if a weapon was used.”

Media reported, citing law enforcement sources, that Todashev was being investigated as a participant in the triple homicide of three men that occurred in Waltham, Massachusetts in the evening of September 11, 2011.

The throats of the three men, who were Jewish, were cut from ear to ear and then marijuana was strewn on their mutilated bodies, according to reports.

One of the victims in the Waltham murders, Brendan Mess was reported to have been a close friend of Boston Marathon alleged bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev – who was killed in a shootout with law enforcement in April, days after the bombings in Boston.

Both Todashev and Tsarnaev — from Russia north caucus of Chechnya— knew each other from mixed-martial-arts in the Boston community area, the Sentinel mentioned friends as saying.

The Boston Marathon bombings occurred in the afternoon of April 15, 2013 when two pressure cooker bombs exploded – within 13 seconds of each explosion and about 210 yards apart.

3 people were killed; including an 8-year-old boy and more than 260 others injured – some requiring limb amputations.

Two brothers were suspected to have carried out the bombings: the FBI released their photos to the public and a massive manhunt ensued.

Within hours, they were spotted in a stolen car, after reportedly firing multiple shots and killing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) police department officer.

In the ensuing car chase, a shootout took place and the older brother was killed.

The manhunt for the younger brother intensified in Watertown, Massachusetts and he was subsequently arrested on a boat – where he had sought refuge and was discovered by the boat owner.

He sustained serious injuries and was transported to a hospital where he stayed until he was fit to be transferred to a medical prison centre.

Cemeteries around Massachusetts and out-of-state refused to give a gravesite for the corpse of the older brother – Tamerlan Tsarnaev – to be buried.

After frustrating efforts to locate a burial site, a cemetery in central Virginia was eventually found and the remains were buried there.

But not without controversy: as some members of the Islamic community in that area became angered; claiming they were not consulted of the burial, AP reported on May 10.


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