Young men convicted for packing soil in girl’s private parts in Malawi

MalawiThree Malawian young men who found pleasure in cramming some soil into a girl’s private parts have been condemned to prison after being found guilty of indecent assault, an offense that contravenes Section 137 (1) of the country’s Penal Code.

A Court sitting in Mangochi heard that on March 21 this year, the three accomplices- all in the twenties, surged on an 18-year old girl whom they found with a boyfriend, stripped her naked and crammed some soil in her private parts.

Even though the self-styled young men escaped, police in Monkey Bay where the case was reported to, managed to apprehend them five days after later, and when they appeared before the Mangochi First Grade Magistrate (FGM), the accused admitted to the charge and pleaded guilty prompting

FGM Jack Njikho to convict them on their own plea.

The mitigation factors by the accused to seek some leniency that they have various family responsibilities that call for their physical presence in their respective homes, did not sway the Court which felt that their conduct which was not only demeaning but traumatizing too warranted a custodial sentence.

Hence, pronouncing his determination, the FGM said that the Court was convinced that the way the crime was orchestrated a 24-months custodial punishment which would also act as a deterrent to others befitted the offenders.

All the lawbreakers; 24-year old Leornard Michael, Chinawa Robert aged 29 and 26-year old John Mazinjiri, and the victim along with her boyfriend who managed to flee from the scene on the fateful day, are from Chilimba village, traditional authority Nankumba in the lake-shore district of Mangochi, where the offense was also committed.

The offense attracts a maximum punishment of 14 years IHL.

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