NATO prepares for military action against Syria

President Bashar Al-Assad - must cease violence

President Bashar Al-Assad – must cease violence

Contingency plans are underway to put an end to the barbaric Assad’s despicable atrocities against his people. NATO countries are reported to be planning military action as all else has failed in trying to convince  Basahr al-Assad to stop the carnage that has seen thousands of people lose their lives in senseless fashion.

Top US military commander in Europe, Admiral James Stavridis, is reported to have said that a number of NATO countries are weighing the options of military operations to bring a close to the unseemingly ending conflict  in Syria. Syrian  leader Assad, has accused  rebels of using chemical weapons, something the Obama-led administration has rejected saying the embattled leader is showing signs of desperation as his government comes under pressure and wants to divert attention from the atrocities he has inflicted on his people.

The conflict has seen more than 1 million people seeking  refuge with over 2 million more displaced across the country. American officials are saying that there is insufficient evidence to substantiate whether Assad or the rebels have used chemical weapons in the conflict. But Admiral James Stavridis says NATO forces are prepared to be engaged if and when called upon.


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