Breaking away from the past – Why Sierra Leone’s Agenda for Prosperity needs the support of the masses

President Ernest Bai KoromaNo matter what intentions a leader may have for his country, the involvement of the masses in nation building is crucial in laying the foundation for success. There are other determining factors. And one of them is: the role the media plays in informing the people, by presenting a non-partisan approach through disseminating information about the reality on the ground – not the contaminated agenda of a disgruntled journalist. One person who has failed miserably in this respect, is the former President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, Umaru Fofana, whose brutal concept of holding the government to account has been marred by a personal political agenda, with the ruthless games of the opposition SLPP at its very nucleus.

Fofana holds no punches back when he takes on the presidency, with total disregard for the ramifications of his actions. It is ok to hold the president and government to account, but not at the expense of feeding into the intrinsic appetite of stakeholders looking for the slightest opportunity to administer punitive measures on a government that has shown so much willingness to implement change.  Fofana knows very well how things are with stakeholders, and is always too keen on stirring controversy that will get the attention of those who determine how much Sierra Leone is allocated in terms of funding and assistance. Everything is taken into consideration when stakeholders determine the way forward in a country.

The causes Fofana claims to be championing, are the very issues that are affected and deprived as a result of his camouflaged attempt to call the government to account. You cannot call for, or opt for change in a country, and then be at the forefront of destroying the reputation of those who will administer such change; those who are the recipients of the direct assistance that will instigate these changes. It simply doesn’t work that way. If you accuse the Head of State of presiding over a corrupt administration, how do you expect the country to attract the mercy of those who define how much financial assistance it needs to stand on its feet? It becomes even more disingenuous when you provide no evidence to substantiate your claims.

Presenting circumstantial proof with opposition rhetoric at its heart, is simply misleading. Umaru Fofana has becoming an expert in presenting the opposition SLPP’s nasty agenda, disguised as a lecture of modern day practice of politics in Sierra Leone. Fofana’s role should have been more analogous to promoting the image of the country by presenting the resource potential and financial benefits of engaging the nation’s natural wealth to investors. Claiming to be the voice of the people becomes insignificant when one engages in acts to destroy and tarnish the good name of those elected by the very people to negotiate the country’s way out of the mess inherited from the corrupt cabal whose interests Umaru Fofana so cunningly prosecutes. Sierra Leone would be better prepared to demonstrate full democratic credentials when it can stand on its feet and gain full recognition as an important player in the world’s economics.

For any government to succeed in achieving outstanding democratic stature, there needs to be the building blocks in place. This cannot happen overnight.  A young democracy needs to be nutured and encouraged. There are signs Sierra Leone is heading in the right direction, and the intentions of the APC government has been tried and tested, and there is visible demonstration of development projects across the country. And Umaru Fofana’s continued barrage of invectives on the government could hardly be  a recipe to muster change. Fofana’s contribution to change in Sierra Leone is non-existent. What we have had from this so called proponent of change is noise, mostly directed at the establishment, on behalf of a far less credible line-up of state embezzlers passing for an opposition party.

The people need to get behind the leadership, no matter how inadequate its effort to bring about much needed change may seem. A golden opportunity to achieve the desired transformation of the state of affairs is in the loom, and disregarding Umaru Fofana’s rather obtuse itinerary by embracing the apparent Agenda for Prosperity, is a national necessity and responsibility of every positive thinking Sierra Leonean.


First published on Newstime Africa: Mar 1, 2014

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