Malawi female police officers fine-tuned for peace keeping missions

Malawi Police

In an effort of shaping Malawi female police officers for possible UN peace keeping undertakings, the Malawi and Norwegian governments have joined hands in drilling Malawi women police officers.

The main components during the two week training are driving and English proficiency which  Norwegian Police Force Chief Superintendent say are very crucial since besides combat, the highest killer at peace keeping operation is traffic accidents.

“Traffic accidents are common cause of deaths among peace keepers as such there is need to provide exclusive driving so that that the peace keepers are able to drive safely, and English proficiency to prospective peace keeping delegates is also vital, “ narrated Tor Damkas, the Norwegian Police Force Chief Superintendent.

And Malawi Police Commissioner responsible for Inspections, Audit and Performance Management urged the participants to be serious with the training since the United Nations (UN) the two are some of the prerequisites for those that go for a peace keeping job.

“I appeal to you to work hard so that in future we can comfortably send female police officers to peace keeping missions,” said Commissioner Lex Kachama, adding that such a development would even put the country and its police service on the global map.

The Malawi police commissioner further viewed that since it is the wish of the government to see to it that the capacity for women is at par with that of their male counterparts, the participants should take it more seriously.

“We are not saying that the officers do not practice good driving but you can agree with me that most female officers drive automatic vehicles yet the UN peace keeping standards require officers to drive a 4 by 4 manual transmission vehicle, hence the training.

“Equally, it does not mean that they are not conversant with the English language, but there is a need for them to attain the requirements of the United Nations in communication,” said the Commissioner.

Kosovo and Darful are some of the war torn zones where the Malawi Police Service has ever sent peace keepers.

One of the participants, Mercy Madhlopa was all thrilled, thanking the two governments for introducing the skills enhancement training.

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) operations are provided for under the laws of Malawi, in the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi and the Malawi Police Service Act.
MPS has the mandate of prevention, investigation and detection of crime; apprehension and prosecution of offenders; maintenance of law and order; protection of property, life, fundamental freedoms and rights of individuals; enforcement of all laws and regulations under which they are directly charged.

Its vision is to create a safe and secure Malawi and according to information sourced by Newstime Africa, the values of the Malawi police service are independence and professionalism; impartiality; openness and accountability; responsiveness and dependability; quality in service provision; efficient and effective use of available resources.

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