Pyongyang gives Beijing the finger and ridicules China’s claim to be the force of influence in the region

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with his military chiefs

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with his military chiefs

The defiant attitude of the dictator in North Korea by the country’s launch of a nuclear test, exposes China’s weakness and inability to wield its influence enough to prevent Pyongyang from going through with its provocative actions. China’s inability to prevent such reckless actions from its neighbor, and regional ally, signals North Korea’s intentions to define its own standing in the world even if it means risking the wrath of its so called influential protector.

It was a big slam of the door in China’s face by the North Koreans, and what happened may have indicated to the West that China no more holds the position of influence in a region that has now come more closer to confrontation than ever before. North Korea is saying that its actions are in response to the reckless hostility of the United States as it puts it, but Pyongyang may have inadvertently done more damage to China’s reputation, than it had done to ruffle the US administration’s feathers.

The United States may now be in a more potent position to retaliate military-wise than it had ever been before, because it may point out to Beijing that it has become powerless in the face of North Korea’s defiance. It may also tell the Chinese that it seems North Korea’s foreign policy is not at the moment tied in anyway to China’s influence.

This entire episode is a bad PR for China and leaves Beijing in a very vulnerable position to influence the outcome of any further negotiations on the matter, as the UN and US make serious threats of further sanctions that may ultimately weaken the already impoverished and isolated  state of North Korea.

China may try to put a brave face to the incident, but it does paints a nasty picture of Pyongyang’s refusal to allow China to undermine its influence as it attempts to stand up as a potent force in its own right. It may be that North Korea has started looking at China as a rival rather than an ally competing for strategic political influence in the region. And it may now dawn on the Chinese to redefine their relationship with Pyongyang to prevent any further embarrassment, as the tension continues in the Korean peninsular.



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