Blackberry takes the world by storm as the Z10 is sold-out across the UK

The new Blackberry Z10 -  Credit - Blackberry

The new Blackberry Z10 – Credit – Blackberry

Blackberry may have finally hit the reset button successfully and produced a fascinating operating system that has the potential of taking the mobile world by storm with its innovation, style and exceptional user interface, based on the highly reputable and stable QNX operating system that is relied upon by the likes of NASA to ensure the safety of human lives in its space endeavours.

The new Blackberry Z10 is the epitome of world class engineering that has seen years of commitment and inspiration by what first  made Blackberry phones best-in-class communication tools that businesses worldwide have come to rely on with security at the very heart of its structure. The phone is an all-touch-screen device with a sleek thumb-controlled user interface, and it’s the first in a line-up of two handsets the company is set to release. The second one being the Q10, which boasts both a touch screen and physical qwerty keyboard.

Blackberry has managed to re-enter the top of a market that was so viciously snatched from them by the likes of Apple and Samsung, and if the smart experience the new user interface and sleek handset design offers is anything to go by, it seems it’s the start of a new era in the mobile industry that has the potential of re-defining the market share, and provide an interesting playing field that could have been hardly envisaged just a few months back. It is reported that the new Z10 has been sold-out in the UK, and even EE, the biggest mobile phone company now in the country, was struggling to cope with demands, as the rush to grab this mobile beauty resulted in the company running low on stock.

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