Korean University honour Malawi President: Now Dr. Joyce Banda

President Joyce Banda - Malawi

President Joyce Banda – Malawi

A Korean University, Jeonju has conferred a Doctorate Degree of Economics, Honoris Causa to Malawi’s President Joyce Banda in recognition of her efforts to improve Malawi’s ailing economy and her impeccable service to humanity, qualifying her to be called Dr. Joyce Banda from Friday February 1 2013.

The Malawi President went to South Korea after attending an African Union Heads of State and Government Summit in Ethiopia and the Malawi President said the recognised success is possible due to the positive contributions of the people she work with.

Joined by high profile global personalities like an internationally recognised Dr. Kim, on record as the Doctor who developed the Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine, which is used against a certain type of brain tumour the Malawi leader thanked the University for the Recognition.

“The honour is one of the prestigious and high profile awards that a University can bestow upon an individual and it will therefore go down in my life as one of the major highlights of recognition of my service to humanity,” the Malawi leader enthused.

President Banda was invited to South Korea to attend a Global Development Summit at the 2013 Special Olympics Winter Games in PyeongChang. She is due to return to Malawi Monday February 4 2013.

Renowned for social work, entrepreneurship and human rights activists before joining active politics, Banda served as Gender and Foreign Affairs Minister during the Dr. Bakili Muluzi rule and the first term of presidency of Dr.Bingu wa Mutharika, among others.

She became Malawi’s President in April last year after the demise of Professor Bingu wa Mutharika and at a time the country was in bad books with the donor community and sailing through economic hardships.

Forex, drug and fuel shortages were the order of the day for the Southern Africa country which attained independence in 1966 under the late Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

Ironically, her predecessor, Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika, who took over the reign from Dr. Bakili Muluzi in 2004, was an internationally respected economist, and during his first term of presidency was recognised by a Chinese University as an economics professor who had turned Malawi’s economy to greater heights.

However during his second term of office, professor Mutharika failed to convince Malawians on his new economic policies which attracted mass demonstrations and rebuke from many angles within and internationally.

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