Chinese nationals fined and lose forex in Malawi

A Court in Malawi has forfeited US $31,096 and MK133, 100 that two Chinese nationals were trying to externalize, and ordered them to pay MK 350,000, in addition to surrendering the money.



Newstime Africa learnt that the two Chinese engineers were scheduled to board an Ethiopian Airways flight to Addis Ababa en route to China when police at Kamuzu International Airport in Malawi’s capital city arrested them last week.

The 42-year old Shuxin Wang and his compatriot Bing Tan, 46 were intercepted with smuggled ivory and the forfeited money when they were trying to get away without seeking permission or declaring it.

However the ivory was not forfeited, only that Magistrate Patrick Chirwa directed the two to seek permission if they still wants to take it outside Malawi.

In Malawi, under Regulation 36 (1) of the Exchange Control, when convicted, the Court if it finds it fit may in addition to any other punishment order the forfeiture.

In his ruling, the Magistrate observed that the accused, who have since paid the fines pelted on them, required a stiffer punishment considering that under the current economic situation, Malawi needs every forex it gets, and the court cannot let such people just go scot-free.

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