Abortion instills fear in girls hostel in Malawi

Fear engulfed a girls secondary school in Malawi’s old capital city Zomba Sunday night when it was uncovered that one of their colleagues had hid a dead baby in a plastic bag in one of the dormitories, police has confirmed of the incident.



The girls could not imagine that their friend, a 16-year old, (name withheld) could have the guts and courage of not only concealing a pregnancy for six months but reach a point of terminating the pregnancy thereby condemning the life of a child and hiding the dead body right in their hostel.

“It is terrible, and a un forgettable situation. Everybody question the sanity behind all what she has done. If she was clever she could have just stayed home and not report for classes this term,” suggested a student at the school, referring to the country’s school calendar  which just opened on January 7 this year for a second semester after closing for Christmas vocation mid December last year.

“Why not feign illness before the school opened which could have given her a chance to stay home and report next season (October) when she could be in apposition to leave the baby with her parents and continue schooling.

“After all the government has a policy that enables girls who drop school because of pregnancy to return to school when they deliver.

Even the state president said it last week in Mchinji at Ludzi girls secondary school,” reasoned the student, who added that the girl was earlier in the day seen taking some aloe-vera, as a treatment for abdominal pains, but nobody suspected any foul play then.

And in the evening it is when she told her friends that she could not attend that day’s compulsory evening study because of the abdominal pains when it could have been due to labour pains, and according to the police spokesperson, the medical personnel think that the abortion was aided by tradition medicine.

The girl, according to Malawi’s eastern region police spokesperson Thomex Nyaude, is in police custody waiting for the police to finish their investigations, adding the teenager girl was found bleeding heavily by colleagues, and when authorities were alerted she was taken to Zomba central hospital where it was discovered that she had aborted.

“When interrogated she revealed of the act and it was discovered that she hid the baby, believed to be six months old, in some clothes and hid in a plastic bag right in her dormitory,” said the police publicist.

Malawi is yet to legalize abortion and to abort is therefore a crime.

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  1. Pemphero kasamba

    This is happening in many schools here in Malawi.I think the policy by the government that allows a girl child to go to school when thy deliver and the child is at good age is encouraging ths malpractice.My suggestion is that if the govrnmnt imposes stlict rules on this maybe girls wl hve fears n cntnue wth school won’t b a problem-PEMPHERO KASAMBA,LILONGWE MALAWI.

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