Prisoners left homeless in Malawi after strong winds blow off their shelter

It never rains but pours for prisoners in Malawi’s eastern district of Zomba as strong winds has worsened their woos where a roof of a building housing 600 inmates was among the houses hit by the strong winds Monday January 14 2013, prison authorities have confirmed.

Prison in Malawi

Prison in Malawi

Other than the prison block that houses eight cells, other affected buildings are prison staff houses and a classroom block at the Zomba Maximum Security Prison which have been blown off too.

And that is not all. 16 prisoners were injured with five admitted at the Zomba Central Hospital whereas 11 were treated as outpatients at the same hospital.

The Malawi Prison Service public relations officer Evance Phiri confirmed saying;” A building comprising of eight prison cells, five staff houses and a classroom block at the institution had their roofs blown off due to the strong winds.

“It happened at around 4 am on Sunday when strong winds hit Zomba hard resulting in the damage of infrastructures at the prison campus.”

The prison publicist disclosed that some of the inmates have been relocated to other prisons within Zomba whereas others have been shifted to other cells within the premises.

He added: “600 inmates have been affected in the 8 cells and plans to renovate the buildings have partly started. We have reported the incident to the Ministry of Home Affairs for assistance on the matter.”

Recent statics indicated that Malawi has almost 12,000 prisoners crammed in 31 prisons and it is yet to be seen if well wishers will come in to assist the plight of the prisoners as they are doing with other affected citizens.

Malawi has for the three weeks been hit with floods and heavy winds that has displaced thousands of people in several districts like Mangochi, Phalombe and Karonga worsening their survival as the country is alredy hit with hunger.

Most of the affected citizens  have sought refuge in churches, Mosques and school blocks. Five major roads have been cut off while many others are in bad shape due heavy rains that has engulfed the whole country.

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