Malawian truck driver caught with bags of hemp in Zimbabwe

A Malawian driver is the hands of Zimbabwe police after the truck he was driving in was intercepted by the country’s law enforcers, because he was carrying some 3,700 kilograms of marijuana, it has been revealed.



Zimbabwe police patrol team is reported to have become suspicious with the Malawi Fuso truck destined for the Republic of South Africa, hence tracked it down to un identified premises where the hemp bags were been offloaded.

“The officers confronted the suspects resulting in some of them speeding off from the premises, leaving behind the driver of the truck,” Harare Provincial Police told a Zimbabwean paper, The Herald.

Police Inspector Tadius Chibanda explained that the incident happened in the wee hours of Tuesday January 15 2013 at a premise along the Gleneagles road, revealing that some of the suspects jumped over security fence after realizing that they are under police surveillance.

The provincial police publicist has said that the truck with a Malawi registration number was carrying 41 bags of marijuana each weighing 90 kilograms.

He however disclosed that accomplices to the truck driver who were travelling in a commuter omnibus and a taxi, believed to be the vehicles where in the drugs were to be transferred into, escaped, and are since under police chase. The two vehicles had Zimbabwe registration numbers

It is believed that the marijuana was smuggled into Zimbabwe through Nyamapanda boarder post where at the security check the police were duped that it was all Hessian bags used for tobacco packaging yet the marijuana was stashed under the bags.

Last November Zimbabwe police also impounded 250 kilograms of hemp in a Harare bound bus travelling from Malawi.

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  1. knowa

    Zimbabwe been a fail State Since Rhodesia maybe they should be taking there seeds and planting Hemp, its a weed any body can grow it and its Food, Fiber, Fuel and a History of safe effective Medicine plus there are estimates of 1,800 gallons of ethanol per acre plus drought resistance requiring little chemicals. JOB’s JOB’s JOB’s Zimbabwe withdraw from the 1961 UN Treaty its been based on Lies.

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