Critics emerge over the Kenya Police death sentence

Just two days after the six Kenyan Police officers who were found guilty got convicted of murdering taxi drivers, a human rights group has criticized the death sentence passed against them and consequently urged the government to consider altering the state’s execution laws.

Kenya Police involved in previous riots

Kenya Police involved in previous riots

Speaking on the incident, Justus Nyang’aya, chairman of the Amnesty International in Kenya said that such executions are not supposed to be carried out since they had been abolished for the past three decades.

“We do not support the manner in which the execution of the case was undertaken on the police officers and we hereby urge the government to abolish the death penalty under law,” said Nyang’aya while addressing members of the press.

Sharing his sentiments on the matter, he added that, “The last time that a death sentence was passed out in Kenya was during the 1982 coup. On the other hand, a lot of judgements that had been passed had been commuted by His Excellency the President.”

Judge Fred Ochieng sentenced the six police officers   to death on Wednesday afternoon for having been found guilty of murdering seven innocent taxi drivers in March 2010 in the outskirts of Kawangware area, Nairobi.

In reference to the evidence produced in Court, the police officers made claims sighting that the drivers formed part of the so-called Mungiki gang- a quasi religious group linked to ethnic violence and racketeering.

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