41 Ethiopians arrested in Malawi

Police in Malawi have arrested 41 Ethiopians in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe after being found in a truck that carried some cartoons of tobacco. Driver of the truck is also in police custody for allegedly aiding the Ethiopians to get out of the country illegally.

Lilongwe - Malawi

Lilongwe – Malawi

The Ethiopians are believed to have connived with the driver identified as Rodgers Simeon Khafula to sneak to South Africa where the driver was going with the truck load.

Although the 41 claim to have come from the country’s refuse camp, Dzaleka, people think that the Ethiopians might have crossed into Malawi through some illegal entry points between Malawi and Tanzania.

Well wishers tipped law enforcers after being suspicious that the truck parked in one of the townships in the ca[ital city of Malawi, known as Kawale, which was carrying cartoons of unprocessed tobacco, was fixed with  plunks to increase its height to accommodate the people and enable them have some breathing space but properly covered.

Police and Immigration have said that the foreigners will be sent back to Dzaleka refugee camp, some 50 kilometres away from Lilongwe, if their claim is proved true, otherwise they will be deported to their home country, while the driver will be charged accordingly.

Of late, cases of foreigners coming in Malawi illegally with the aid of the citizen have been rampant and worrisome to the government, prompting the state president to call upon each citizen to be cautious and the law enforcers to be more on look out for the illegal immigrants.

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