Explosives kill two masters in Malawi

Two Malawian explosives experts were killed while others injured on December 14 2012 as they were trying to dispose of explosives believed to be expired.



The officers from Malawi’s Department of Mines and Mchenga coal mine were disposing off expired explosives from Mchenga coal mine at Ekayiweni commercial quarry site in Mzimba, northern Malawi.

Police in Mzuzu have confirmed of the incident and according to Police  publicist  Maurice Chapola , the incident happened due to the heavy blast of bombs and detonators believed to be live.

The police suspect that although the officers believed that all the explosives were expired there could be some which had not yet expired.

“They succeeded in destroying the first package of the explosive; this might have prompted them to conclude that all were expired, but it seems it was not so,” Chapola said.

The deceased have been identified as Sanlesi Mweso from department of mines, and Type Kachipere, a Captain at Mchenga Coal Mine.

Other officers from the quarry and ministry of mining were also injured and rushed to hospital for medical care.

The vehicle which the officers travelled in was also damaged by the explosives, so were several houses, following the heavy shaking and aerial stone particles caused by the explosion.

Ekayiweni quarry, site situated about 10 kilometres from Mzuzu city, is a recognized blasting site for confiscated explosives by the Ministry of mines, but when doing the exercise the police are notified and normally witness the destruction  exercise.

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