Kenya’s most Googled information

Google’s annual report released on Thursday dubbed “The Google Zeitgeist 2012” which basically focuses on the most sought after information online has sparked interesting remarks from across the social media and newsrooms across the country.

Nairobi Cyber cafe

Nairobi Cyber cafe

According to the report, majority of the Kenyans who have access to internet connectivity opted to seek more information on “How to Abort”. Given the fact that majority of the internet users in the country comprise of the youth in the society, this raises more questions than answers as to where the ‘y-generation’ is headed to. Perhaps this might be approving a recent research conducted by one of the local survey agencies in the recent past which clarified that majority of the youths and especially of the female gender feared getting early pregnancies as opposed to contracting HIV/AIDS or STIs.

Whether this latest findings by Google would be taken with the seriousness it deserves by Kenya’s health organizations remains to be a wait and see scenario. Though the government has made tremendous efforts to curb high mortality rate contributed by HIV/AIDS complications, the society still deserves more sensitization on the health risks associated with the procurement of abortion.

Other sources seeking to lay emphasis on the issue opted to itemize Article 26(4) of the new constitution which states that, “Abortion is not permitted unless, in the opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment, or the life or health of the mother is in danger, or if permitted by any other written law.” It has been reported that some individuals may be taking advantage of the clause by misquoting its actual true meaning and contradicting it.

The released list of the most searched ‘How to’ by Kenyans across the nation according to Google comprised of:

1. How to abort

2. How to drift

3. How to make

4. How to conceive

5. How to study

6. How to seduce

7. How to type

8. How to romance

9. How to invest

10. How to geek

Other top-ranking searches named in the report included ‘What is’ and they included:

1. What is ethnicity

2. What is sex

3. What is iPod

4. What is development

5. What is teaching

6. What is illuminati

7. What is insurance

8. What is integrity

9. What is consumerism

10. What is psychology

Moving on to sports personalities, the most searched sport icons by Kenyans included:

1. Robin van Persie

2. David Rudisha

3. Mario Balotelli

4. Victor Wanyama

5. Ronaldhino

6. Conjestina Achieng

7. Michael Phelps

8. Ezekiel Kemboi

9. Podolski

10. Lance Armstrong

Other personalities categorized under ‘Most trending people’ comprised of:

1. Whitney Houston

2. Njenga Karume

3. Miguna Miguna

4. John Michuki

5. Nancy Baraza

6. Saitoti

7. Fabrice Muamba

8. Robin Van Persie

9. James Ingram

10. Eddie Murphy

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