Bitange Ndemo welcomes more ICT innovations in Kenya

While making a press statement during the National ICT Conference hosted by Deloitte Kenya, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information Dr. Bitange Ndemo urged for the need to consider inculcating ICT developments in all industrial sectors. In his statement, Bitange Ndemo emphasized on the need to come up with new ICT innovations that would spur economic growth.

Information PS – Dr Bitange Ndemo

“ICT Professionals should now introduce new ICT innovations that would greatly offer immediate solutions to the society’s needs such as education, government services and healthcare,” said Ndemo.

In reference to his statement, consulting regional companies such as Deloitte Kenya should play an active role in paving the way forward of embracing common ICT strategies in improvising mechanisms to stem down corruption in government’s public sectors. “The fight against corruption could easily be dealt with by simply automating some of the government’s procurement processes and assist in accounting for proper utilization of public funds,” added Bitange Ndemo.

Also present during the function was ICT Chief Executive Officer Paul Kukubo who pointed out that the entire Board is actually working out on a master plan which is expected to offer guidance to the entire sector towards achievement of growth in the next phase.

“For the realization of the master plan scheduled to materialize by 2018, proper leadership must be offered by both the public and private sectors alike,” said Kukubo. The said plan is expected to bring on board a huge number of internet users hence the need for more internet connections to make the services accessible to all.

Going by the agendas raised in the conference, it was anticipated that suggestions enabling development of the master plan of the country’s blue-print; Vision 2030 would be brought forward and given the much desired emphasis. Through the support given by Deloitte Kenya, necessary measures would be taken to facilitate the deployment of resources that would contribute towards the development of the integrated National ICT Policy for the country.

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