Plans to upgrade Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) postponed till mid next year

The plans aimed at upgrading the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) which began mid this year are set to be halted till the month of June next year.

JKIA Development

According to a statement issued by Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) Chief Executive Officer Stephen Gichuki, “the 141 million dollar project would be carried out from the month of June 2013. On completion, the 5.5kilometre will enhance the airport’s capacity to handle more flights as well as increase its destination portfolio.”

Despite the fact that the project already falls behind schedule, Gichuki expressed confidence in the fact that the airport shall boast of one of the finest architectural designs which would be able to accommodate more aircrafts. “The design to be adopted would not only be artistic but also comprise of modernized aviation technology of very high standards,” added Gichuki.

The KAA management hopes to greatly cut down on the operational expenses which saw most of their staff fired in a program which took place in the past couple of weeks. Supporting this fact, Kenya Airways reported a drastic loss in its recent financial performance, an issue which the airline’s Chief Executive Officer Titus Naikuni believed to have been contributed by the huge operational costs and expenses.

Already most of its facilities are being uplifted to meet the set international standards as one way to cope up with other top ranking international airports. The ongoing operations are estimated to cost the tax payer a whooping 1 billion dollars. Once complete, the airline officials project a possible come back to redeem their lost position in the regional front and cash in heavily in its investments.

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