Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga to step down from politics as Uhuru Kenyatta set to be the next president

Credible reports coming out of Nairobi are hinting that the country’s controversial Prime Minster, Raila Odinga, who has spent the most part of three decades aspiring to be Kenya’s leader, will be opting out of the hotly contested  presidency, as the country prepares to elect its next Head of State.

Raila Odinga reported to be stepping down

Odinga, who has made more enemies than friends in Kenya’s political circles, is said to have resigned from the thought of vying for the highest office of the land because he recognized that his chances are limited, as his political base erodes with the newly formed alliance of Wiliam Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi, all tough political forces bent on denying him the pleasure of being the next president of Kenya. Odinga is said to be stepping down along with president Mwai Kibaki after the next elections, scheduled to take place in 2013.

The Prime Minister is also believed to have lost support within his Luo tribal base as some of his tribesmen have become disillusioned for not doing enough to help them. And it seems his popularity has suffered a massive dent after his call for Ruto and Kenyatta to be indicted at the Hague for their alleged roles in the country’s  Post Elections Violence that saw many killed and wounded. Some have also lost faith in Raila after his recent fallout with Musalia Mudavadi, and his recent alleged involvement in big shady deals may have not gone down well in some quarters.

It seems the new political alliance formed, have decided to accept Uhuru Kenyatta as the most formidable candidate to clinch the presidency and they are all throwing their wight behind him. It is reliably learnt that President Kibaki is also keen on handing over power to Kenyatta for obvious reasons. And former president Daniel Arap Moi, still a very potent force in Kenyan politics, wants to see Kenyatta become president.


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koko b ware. says:

heheheheheehe .. the old man should retire too he has nothing to offer to the common mwanachi..

Philemon says:

Whichever!!!!God will lead his people to vote for the right President 2013

Mau Mau remnant says:

The Paper is NTA and the party is TNA. Let him waste the wealth his father grabbed from poor Kenyans through unecessary propaganda. We ex mau mau fighters are still bitter with him and his father because of what he did to us. At least for those of us still living Raila Odinga is finally making some light at the end of the tunnel for us to receive compensation from the British Government. His father took all that was given by the British government as compensation to our land and also grabbed our land and wanted us to relocate to Tanzania. He also grabbed more than even his father. He is dreaming. We will not vote for him. He coined G7 to mean Great 7 districts of Central province and this has isolated us from the rest of Kenyans.

Kenswift says:

Even mad men went to school and can write a story

benjamin says:

we have heard lies but this one is too much, the uhuru ure talking about, where is his support from, who told you that Raila has lost any ground. Please read the comments and stop waking up and writing things that are only possible in a nightmare of a person who has overeaten

sidi says:

Hate it or love it, RAO will be your president period

festus Cheptumo says:

tis is a plain truth hate te writter or love him he has revealed it all

Erick says:


Mike Pesa says:

No matter what happens, no matter who resigns or who stays, we want peace for our Kenyan brothers and sisters. Keep the love!

Chief Osabila says:

This is bullshit!!!! I mean u can’t just get paid peanuts to post this kinda crap to mislead innocent Kenyans who have already decided to vote for their right president for the better economy to vote for Criminals. Hey are you out of your mind? Remember when you will be charged for this crap just plead guilty cause the one who paid you will be having his own at Hague I’m very sorry for you!!!

George says:

This NTA Newstime Africa is TNA of Uhuru Kenyatta spelled backwards!

ole nchoe says:


wuod luo says:

Rubbish.And I say rubbish.
This rumour must be treated with the contempt it deserves. And Raila would not be cowed by these TNA/URP hoodlinks…
Raila is in the race to the bitter end and ruto/uhuru would be beaten to the last this space

Bungei says:

To the writer. Kindly resign. You are a quack. Incompetent professional

Samuel Njuguna says:

This cant be true. Its just a rumor. And by the way, i don’t think that Uhuruto is a better alternative than RAO. Its time for a third force. Made up of men and women of intergrity; who are sober, peace makers whose interest is the well being of Kenya. My comments are without any prejudice whatsoever and i respect all these ledaers. May God bless the Republic of Kenya.

Mathew says:

A defeat for Raila Odinga is a defeat for justice & democracy, I wonder why a grown up person can write such misleading statement but it is politics time in Kenya the country will prove him wrong after 2013 general election. How can a grown up person talk like that? Someone who have been accused of crime against humanity in ICC just violet the law of the land & want to lead the same humanity he is accused of? If you don’t want Prime Minister well it is your democratic right but give us another candidate but not UHURU KENYATTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gatabaki says:

The propaganda machine is just working for the PM. Why cant we learn from 2007? Raila thrives in propaganda. This is free PUBLICITY in favor of Raila at the expense of TNA and other like minded parties. You CANT beat Raila with this cheap strategies he is way above the curve!!

keter says:

dont throw words on the writer coz everything here is a fact and to add on it,its high time for raila quit politics for the past time we hv witnesed he is not a reliable n trustworthy leader.

Peter says:

Have not heard the PM resign from contesting presidency. Stop propaganda.

Jakodondo jakakimba says:

You are a late thinker,you wake up late,be late in everything even tommorow you are’Review your mind.welcome for a walk into the park,dEvours you.

reagan says:

Propaganda pure propaganda. That will happen in another Kenya. Agwambo is the next President wapende wasipende

Collins says:

You do not know what you are writing about. Raila is in the race to the end

jodi says:

Noooooooh,!this cant be,we cant be lead by people who have no place to the international community! Kenya is not an island!we need the rest of the world to keep moving!these are people we need to close out!why are they joining together,after they found themselves to the wrong side of the law!!?they are no different to the matatu industry joining,because of the recent laws,Kenyans,lets wake up and chant our own destiny!lead by people who are covering nothing.

Henri Michel says:

That herb called weed has ways of manifesting itself to people.

Bill says:

This is damn crap….real bull crap,understand what you want to publish before you publish.

Willy says:

Raila won’t stepdown even on a direct lose. Let him have the blow after when he should retire from politics.

kelly says:

LOL!! I aint no supporter of Raila but…i’ve not heard of him stepping down for anyone. Enyewe hii ni uongo. LOLLLL!!!!

justo says:

some dreams are far from truth. Kenyatta nor ruto will nevr be presidents of ths country. It is even suicidal to vote in impending confirmed criminals!

Kwetiot says:

That will be Raila honorable exit. He is a spent force, he will never win the presidency – Reality 101

Musyoka says:

Some of you are the ones who need to grow up. What has the author written that is not already in the public domain? How long has Raila been in Kenyan politics? Have a life. No need for insults. This is what Raila’s supporters are good at.

gechuki momanyi says:

at which forum did the PM even just remotely indicate that he is stepping down? mihgt be he sent you an sms? some issues are too sensitive for such rumour milling. one simple piece of advice “JUST GROw UP”.

Bob says:

This is crap, whoever wrote this must be a dreamer hooked to rumors and misguided gutter press. Keep dreaming!

Robert Njonjo says:

Kudos Kamara. This is the reality on the ground.

paul says:

Damn useless TNA propaganda…they should have been more clever and creative than to interchange TNA for NTA to hoodwink people and soil PM’s name!!

Adan says:

You are waking up from asleep only to start writting what you dreamt about at the time of slumber. Sorry mr.

Francis Kinyua says:

Raila is in the race to the end, take it or leave it and that’s the bitter pill you guys have to swallow. Remember he’s the “people’s president”.

D N Nyamu says:

The writer does not seem to know Mr Raila Odinga’s level of self esteem as far as being the next president is concerned . Raila will go for presidency even in 2018 irrespective of the 2013 presidential result outcome !

janam says:

the writer seems very sick and suffering from memory lapses, how do you do such a bad story which is likely to create animosity in the thinking of ordinary people. please be responsible in your writting

lawrence steve says:

the writer is just an enemy of kenyas prosperity ,i dont support raila but kenyans are wise enough not to elect some people who are facing crimes aganst humanity we have not forgotten and we cant forget kenya is bigger than these two guys

Carlos says:

We are voting for Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.The conspiracy between Raila Odinga,The UK,The USA and The ICC shall not see the light of day.

Paulwolf says:

The days of propagada are with us ANT looks TNA propagada tool

juma from busia (k) says:

there must b something wrong with ahmed’s head no leader we majority. of kenyans expecting apart from rails odinga.,please not misslead. people!

james omondi says:

the writer, ahmed kamara does not live in kenya.He is either misguided or deliberately misrepresenting facts. Raila is currently leading in opinion polls since the beginning of the coalition government. We do not have an alliance of Kenyatta,Ruto and Mudavadi as Ahmed is purpoting.Kenyatta and Ruto are facing serious crimes against humanity and Kenyans are aware of consequences of electing anyone of them into office.

everlyne n says:

he shouldn’t do dat but then let him tell us who shall b supporting.
asikubali kushindwa na atafakari hayo.