Sierra Leone opposition SLPP leader refuses to accept the will of the people and is determined to disrupt the on-going democratic process

It is now apparent that Julius Maada Bio’s intentions to run for the highest office of the land were not for the national interest or well-being of all Sierra Leoneans. After the elections, even President Ernest Bai Koroma’s harshest critics, some of them foreign media correspondents based in the country, acknowledged the fact that Head of State has won the elections.

Julius Maada Bio – Defeated

Observer missions invited to the country to monitor the polls, all issued statements congratulating the electorate, and those who presided over the vote, for a peaceful and transparent elections. But, the opposition SLPP, after being so woefully defeated once more, are refusing to yield to the peoples mandate.

The propensity to cause mayhem has been synonymous with the manner in which the SLPP conducted its election campaign. The fact that the leadership accepted as its flag-bearer, a man whose record paints a terrifying picture of murder, corruption, mismanagement and human rights abuses, reveals a sinister agenda if they had succeeded in winning the elections. And it is evident now, after the body that has the lawful authority  to announce the elections results, pronounced the incumbent as winner with a sizable percentage of the vote (58.7%), that their plans have been crushed as the outcome was not what they were expecting, and have now resorted to the belligerent undertaking of disrupting the stability of the state.

Julius Maada Bio should be arrested along with those who connive with him, if they instigate violence by indirectly calling on their supporters to protest the vote by proclaiming the election was rigged. In a sense, Bio and his reckless band of state looters are insulting the will of the people and the integrity of the outstanding poll observers, made up of some of the world’s most distinguished and respectable public servants, drawn from across the globe to give credence to an important election process that will help consolidate the political and economic gains achieved so far in the country.

Julius Maada Bio should have known all this time what the outcome of the elections would be. Sierra Leoneans have put the country’s dark days behind them, and they are no longer prepared to hand the reins of power to a group of thieves who are prepared to swindle their way once more into the coffers of the state, and loot what is truly theirs. The people have spoken, and it would be very wise if Bio and co. respect the will of the masses. Not understanding the resolve of the people at this turning point in the country’s political and economic history, will be a fatal mistake, and the ramifications might prove extremely unpleasant for our mass-murderer friend.

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