Sierra Leone police apprehend opposition SLPP vehicle carrying machetes and handcuffs

Disturbing reports coming out of the Sierra Leone capital, Freetown, states that the country’s police force have apprehended a vehicle carrying a large amount of machetes and handcuffs. It is obvious that the intended use of such weapons is to intimidate and cause chaos. The opposition party, renowned for its violence, have been engaged in voter intimidation and bribery as a means of disrupting the electoral process. Election observers have intimated to this press that they are fully aware of the ongoing reports and have fully documented such incidents.

Opposition SLPP vehicle apprehended with machetes and handcuffs

There are also reports that voters at Cassell Farm constituency 101, ward 364 and voting center code 14097, are complaining that voting slips are finished, and they are unable to vote. This is a serious anomaly, and the fact that opposition elements are engaging in such acts of sabotage risks endangering the entire democratic process. It also reveals that the SLPP are unfit to govern as clearly demonstrated in their flagrant abuse of the electoral rules they signed-up to.

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