Andrew Kenneth’s popularity in Kenya sparks ballistic reactions in social media

In his spirited fight and desire to bring concrete change to this nation, Gatanga legislator Peter Kenneth on Sunday unveiled his presidential bid in an already hotly contested race with an ambition to take over from the sitting and retiring President Mwai Kibaki.

A. Kenneth

Vying on a Kenya National Congress (KNC) ticket, PK -as he is popularly referred to by many of his followers- ushered in a new era of leadership style in a well presented speech at the Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) in front of an ecstatic crowd which had his backing for what they believe he stood for. But what has brewed more debate since the launch is the speech and presentation which was articulated by his son Andrew Kenneth aka AK.

Andrew has for the past two days had the streets talking after delivering one of the greatest endorsements a father could have ever received from his son. The befitting endorsement caught Peter Kenneth himself by surprise, and further admitted of being very proud of him. In his speech, Andrew spoke of how confident he was that his father would deliver to the Kenyan people the aspirations he had and the promise he has made to them should he emerge victorious come the March 4th general elections.

After winding up his speech, all attention was drifted from the main man Peter Kenneth to son Andrew Kenneth who caught the attention of all the ladies and women of all ages seeking to hear more from him. Much has been talked about his good looks and articulate speech of a gentleman only at nineteen years of age. Word has it that his latest public appearance has even contributed to swaying more votes to his dad over the undecided lot of voters. Whether this is true or not, we are yet to hear from what the local opinion poll stars would dictate in the midst of all the debate that has had the streets talking.

From a different perspective though, many unknown individuals have taken the advantage of the new kid in the block and came up with fake twitter handles and facebook pages with an aim to disguise the public. A good example is one which reads as “Campus Divas For Andrew Kenneth (TunawesMATE)” plus another which goes like “Campus Niggaz for Andrea Kenneth”. 

Several other dubious accounts have been emerging all in a bid to lure attention from the ever active facebook users. However, Peter Kenneth made it clear on Tuesday afternoon that the purported accounts and facebook pages aren’t real and Kenyans should not be hoodwinked by opportunists who would want to tarnish their good name. He went further went ahead to give out links of the legit facebook page and twitter handle of his son Andrew Kenneth which are:  and the legit twitter handle being @AndrewKenneth9. 

On a similar note, Andrew’s sister via her facebook page went ahead to issue the legit address of his brother’s page when she posted on it saying, “Welcome to my official page. My brother’s page is ”. 

Still in an effort aiming at rubbishing off all the fake accounts, last evening Andrew updated his facebook page stating, “ This page is fake, and it shall be reported and removed, if you have access to it, report it too, and I shall also respond to as many people as I can later tonight, thanks”. 

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