Former UDF leader forms new political party in Malawi


A new political party has been borne in Malawi. It is called Labour party and led by former acting United Democratic Front (UDF) president Friday Jumbe, who last week boycotted the UDF national convection where the party ushered into power former UDF chairman son Atupere Muluzi.

Lilongwe – Malawi

Jumbe, a former finance minister in the UDF government,  made the disclosure Tuesday November 6 2012 that he has formed the new party to transform Malawians economically and socially with main focus on workers, youth empowerment, donor aid independence, and redistribution of wealth and land ownership, amongst the top agenda.

Known members of the party at the moment are former ministers during the UDF rule in the names of Zililo Chibambo, Nicholous Kachingwe and Joseph Kubwalo but the party will likely rope in more members from the UDF who are not happy with the way the convection was staged.

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