The Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security Satish Faugoo highlihts the need to maintain food security in Mauritius

The Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, Satish Faugoo, iterated the need to maintain food security in Mauritius is crucial with the help of agricultural food co-operatives. Minister Faugoo explained the fundamental importance to educate and invest in planters, breeders and fisherman to improve the production process and quality of their foodstuffs as well as add value to harvest by engaging in food processing activities that ensure food security.

Satish Faugoo

The government has recently encouraged farmers, breeders and fishermen who have joined cooperative societies in large numbers to look at technologically innovative ways to ensure food security via government funding in trade employment for the youth and leased agricultural land on the island.

Minister of Business and Enterprise, Jangbahadoor Seetaram also specified that the necessity to “professionalise” the agricultural industry saying it is critical since food security and food production are both inherently linked.

Currently forestry, fishing and livestock profit sharing, and income-generating activities incentives have led to healthier bargaining power for members as buyers and sellers in the market place that cement good working practices in maintaining food security the Prime Ministers offices communicated in press statement.

Recently the European Water Resources Association undertook research into food security problems that were largely due to climate change. The Status of Food Security in Mauritius in face of climate change report.

The report highlighted in one of its conclusions that the country is greatly susceptible to numerous global price fluctuations and “climatic shocks” such as low rainfall that may lead to food insecurity in the future.

Agricultural food cooperatives are a chief instrument against poverty and malnutrition, and that Mauritius could improve its situation and become less dependent on imports, which account for over 70 per cent of foodstuffs, according to 2012 reports by the Ministry of Afro-Industry and Board of Investment (BOI).

It is approximated that around 1 billion individuals are participants of cooperatives globally, creating more than 100 million jobs, which contributes to the lessening of food security issues in many developing countries

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization, the African continent faces systemic food shortages as a whole; more than 40 per cent of people are malnourished, and with many nations in the Sub-Saharan region, 70 per cent are already at risk of shortages in food.

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