KRA maintains stand to have Kenyan athletes pay taxes

According to Kenya’s Commissioner of Domestic Taxes (CDT) Mr. Pancrasius Nyaga, income earned by Kenyan athletes in their profession must be subjected to taxation just like any other given income generated from other professions. Speaking via a press statement, Nyaga insists on having all Kenyan athletes being listed as tax payers given that the Kenyan law requires all residents to dully pay taxes as a national responsibility regardless of the income’s source or origin.

Kenya’s David Rudisha

Already plans are underway to host an awareness program in Eldoret that aims to emphasize on the KRA’s stand on the need to have the law implemented.

The latest development which has sparked different reactions from various local athletes was however welcomed by Athletics Kenya (AK) Chairman Isaiah Kiplagat. Merely days after its public announcement, Kiplagat expressed positive feedback to have talks held between them with the KRA officials on the best mechanisms to follow in implementing the law so as not to infringe athlete’s rights as well.

In the planned forum, discussions would be geared towards reaching an agreement on how the tax policies would apply to athletes whose earnings would already have been subjected to taxation from the country of origin so as to eliminate any elements of double taxation. In this respect, athletes would be subjected to produce any relevant evidence from overseas to tax officials.

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