DEMO calls out to all potential software developers in Kenya

DEMO – A U.S communications and Technology Company is planning to stage a two-day trade fair in Nairobi in a bid to offer a platform to all potential software developers with an opportunity to showcase their innovations.  Though not yet specified on the dates, the trade fair comes at a time when the continent has recorded a number of numerous technological advancements in the telecommunications sector, with the youth claiming ownership of most of the successful initiatives. On the planned trade fair, focus would be shifted to mobile telephone applications.


It is estimated that there’re more than 500 million mobile gadgets across the continent. Out of these, mobile applications have made a great prevalence in many of the enabled phones hence creating an impact on lives of many across the continent.

With the overall economic growth witnessed across the African states, The World Bank highlights that an average of ten mobile telephones would be enough in 100 people to stimulate a country’s gross national product by an estimated 0.8 percent.  For this reason, computer engineers across the continent are being encouraged to take advantage of the prevailing opportunities to adapt and come up with innovations suited to specific mobile demands in the already competitive market.

A focus on Kenya’s very own M-Pesa, ever since its launch in 2007, Safaricom’s legendary money transfer service has set a remarkable performance all across the African continent amid the ongoing plans to have it dominate the global scene. Coming in closely is M-Tracker services which enable drivers and motor vehicle owners to make use of their mobile telephones in making quick locations and tracking of their vehicles. Thanks to this application, cases of carjacking in the city have reduced drastically since its inception.

Even as potential software developers embrace the opportunity, experienced software developers are warning all participants not to expect quick lucrative returns in the hotly competitive field.

It would be an opportune moment to showcase ones innovation as the giant company seeks to identify the next big thing.


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