007 James Bond tried to call Apple but no answer – Why? because he was calling from an Android phone not an iPhone

Google, through Sony, has landed a big PR victory over Apple, as Sony uses its media empire muscle to promote its flagship Android Xperia T handset as the Bond Phone in the new 007 movie Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig. The fact that Bond is seen in the movie with an Android handset may not go down well with Apple fans, who would have loved Bond to have donned the new iPhone 5. The Android fan base is increasing by the day and more Android phones are sold worldwide than iPhones.

The cool Xperia T from Sony

In the past, Apple has used product placement to great advantage over its rivals, but Google seizing the momentum after Sony launched its flagship Android handset, is indeed a sign of things to come for the Android and search giant. Apple’s attempt to stifle competition by dragging Samsung to court in every opportunity it has, may have solidified the Android base more than ever, as most people would tend to buy an Android phone not because they need it, but just a way to stamp their disgust at the Cupertino-based company’s ‘unethical business practices’.

But the current fierce competition in the mobile market may only prove to be at the consumer’s advantage, as high quality products from Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia, Microsoft, Acer, Motorola, Lenovo and Huawei, flood the market, forcing prices to drop naturally. Microsoft’s fantastic new operating system, Windows 8/RT, will also be making a bold statement alongside its android competitors as it promises a polished user experience and may provide the stiffest competition yet to the very popular iPad.

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