Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma is right not to take part in debate with a mass murderer and human rights abuser

The actions of the president of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, to withdraw from a presidential debate organised by camouflaged opposition elements with intent to humiliate the presidency, are indeed justified. A presidential debate in an election is serious matter indeed, and could ultimately define the way the country votes. But when that debate includes the participation of a known criminal, and human rights abuser, and one that has presided over the summary execution of 29 innocent men and women, it takes a different dimension; one that has the propensity to tarnish the head of state’s reputation as sharing a platform with someone who has committed such despicable atrocities to the people of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone President Koroma – Right decision

By robbing the state of resources meant for the welfare of the people of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio disqualified himself from ever holding public office in Sierra Leone. The selection of Bio by the SLPP to be its flag-bearer in the coming presidential elections, is an affront to the cherished traditional values our forefathers worked so hard to preserve, and one that the founding fathers of the country’s oldest political party, (the SLPP), stood  firmly for. Those who stand at the forefrunt of managing the affairs of this party when choosing its flag-bearer, connived to hold the state of Sierra Leone to ransom. They are guilty of the worst kind of crimes against our people by selecting a man whose record not only of being a wife-beater, and human rights abuser, but who took part in the sale of our country’s passports to corrupt Asian businessmen in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars, of which has been fully documented and is in the public domain. It is indeed unforgivable, and insulting, to the people of Sierra Leone that the SLPP would present a man with such a reputation to the masses as their candidate for the highest office of the land.

Bio still maintains his band of thugs from the NPRC era

President Ernest Bai Koroma should offer no apologies for taking the high moral ground, as this is what is expected of a dignified and honourable statesman, and an outstanding public servant. Those who attempted to pull this sahmeful act, should hang their heads in shame as they are not only a disgrace to our way of life, they represent the worst of our country’s social make-up.


First published on Newstime Africa: 19th October, 2012

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