Kenyatta University opens new campus in Dadaab town North-Eastern Kenya

Kenyatta University – Main Campus entrance

Located deep in the North Eastern Province lays Dadaab town which now deserves all the bragging rights for the establishment of a modern higher learning institution set to benefit both the residents and refugees in the area. Thanks to Kenyatta University’s development plan of seeking to spread its wings across all quarters of the country, a new Campus now firmly stands in the heart of the world’s biggest refugee hub in the region.

In a roll-out project aimed at taking education to the grassroots levels, Kenyatta University has been on the forefront of opening several higher learning institutions across various counties in the country, North Eastern being the latest in its list. The newly opened institution seeks to offer diploma, undergraduate and master’s courses in a various subjects and categories which include Project Management, Finance, Marketing, Public Administration and Education among others.

The first batch of intake is set to be carried out early next year in the month of January. In their website, Kenyatta University states that one of its core objectives is being a centre of excellence in refugee education by focusing on how to empower the marginalized refugees via tertiary education, capacity building and research.

Going by their brave move, it would be keenly observed as to whether other well-known local institutions across the country would follow suite in embracing the untapped opportunities in the North Eastern province. Should this happen, it would be considered a move in the right direction aiming at eradicating illiteracy levels as the nation projects towards achieving its blueprint; Vision 2030.

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  1. Hussein omar

    Thanks to kenyatta university planned to open a campus in dadaab refugee camps, as we are refugee youths it was challenge to us travelling to nairobi for higher education but now thanks to kenyatta university planned to open a campus in dadaab camps and we encourage to include health course such as diploma in nutrition.

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