Fatou Bensouda’s expected visit to Kenya

ICC Prosecutor Fatour Bensouda

International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s first visit to Kenya is set to receive maximum media attention over the next couple of weeks, ahead of next year’s hearings of the post-election violence cases involving four Kenyans. Latest reports concerning her expected visit to the country indicate that she’ll be expected in the country early or from the 22nd of October this year, in a scheduled visit which shall see her meet several government officials and to be specific a sub-committee from the cabinet involved with the ICC cases proceedings together with a number of civil society groups.

It’s also expected that she’ll be meeting with the government’s Attorney General Githu Muigai. However, confirmations as to whether she’ll be meeting the President and the Premier are still unclear. This would be her very first visit to Kenya ever since she took over office from Moreno Ocampo early June this year.

Her visit comes at a time when The Hague Court officials expressed concerns over the slow pace at which the Kenyan government has been cooperating with the procedures spelt out by The Hague based Court. It’s expected that the trials will kick off from 10th and 11th April next year.

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