Uganda’s future prospects of emerging among the 1st world states in the region

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni

While chairing a meeting at the Presidential Public Lecture held at Serena Hotel in Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni assured the members in attendance during the meeting that in a matter of years to come, Uganda will be among the few countries to be pooled among the first world countries in the region.

“Uganda will be in the same platform as the US and European nations and even much better than most of them,” said the President. To prove it all, the President further highlighted that this was the century for Uganda and all Africans in general. Oblivious of the several hardships facing many of the states in the region, Yoweri Museveni believes that Uganda will rise from its predicaments and emerge the dream nation full of prosperity and development in a matter of time. “We have the means, we do know what is lacking and we have always had the will. Good enough, the strategic mistakes have been early detected,” clarified the President.

The theme of the lecture being “A 50-year Journey since Independence (1962-2012)” the country boasts of a vibrant social and economic transformation over the years. In his speech, Yoweri Museveni mentioned ten of the major hurdles which according to him he believes have been the main issues preventing his country from taking off to reap big. Among them, included human resource development, markets, infrastructure, industrial problems, agriculture and democracy.

Despite the fact that Uganda’s National Planning Authority projects the country of becoming the first world country by the year 2040, the President firmly believes that his state has all what it takes to ensure premature materialization of his vision. “It would take Uganda a maximum of 15 years to achieve all its economic goals once money starts flowing in from the oil industry,” emphasized the President.

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