Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana will be President Ernest Bai Koroma’s running-mate in the November Presidential elections in Sierra Leone

VP Sam Sumana (left) with Presdent Ernest Koroma (right)

Despite all the rumor mongering instigated by rag-tag Sierra Leone opposition SLPP media miscreants, all indications with respect to the choice of selecting a running mate for the presidential elections in November are that President Ernest Bai Koroma will be making no changes as to who will be his second-in-command in the second-term of his presidency. According to reliable and confident sources within the seat of power, Chief Samuel Sam-Sumana, the current Vice President, will be the official running mate of the incumbent leader and president of the republic, who also happens to be the leader of the ruling APC party, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma.

The opposition media in Sierra Leone has become notorious for peddling rumours that have no substance or truth. Not a week passes by that the reading public will not be ‘dosed’ with one political lie or the other. It has become the standard for pro-S LPP newspapers in the country to fabricate stories about the VP, either by portraying him as corrupt, or reporting that he is to be replaced. All the stories that have made the front pages of even some reputable news mediums like the Huffington Post, and the Guardian newspaper in London about the VP engaging in corrupt activities have all been proved to be false, making these reputable media institutions look so sub-standard. Recently, the less reputable Africa Confidential, after being consulted by some rogue American businessmen, engaged in a fallacious attempt to smear the VP’s name, only for them to be discredited by this press.

Samuel Sam Sumana is an outstanding Sierra Leonean who has no blemish on his character. His detractors would want you to think he is a criminal. Those who envy his position within the party have even hired some low-class newspapers to wage a media war against the VP, all in vain! They see the VP as being vulnerable because of his subservient approach to politics. VP Sam Sumana is simply a victim of his own loyalty and commitment to his job as the chief supporter and adviser to the President. He has never been the one to yearn for the limelight, and the foolish and futile attempt by some even in the very APC government to try and create a rift between him and president Koroma have all proved useless.

Chief Samuel Sam Suman is well poised to take over from President Ernest Bai Koroma in 2017, as he has now gained the experience and the stature of a well grounded statesman after serving five years under the esteemed leadership of Sierra Leone’s greatest leader Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. Sumana has witnessed first-hand how President Ernest Bai Koroma has engaged the ills of the Sierra Leone society and turned not only the economy round but making sure democracy is at the very heart of governance as he postion the country to be a dynamic commercial hub in sub-saharan Africa.

The Koroma-Sumana team has been a winning formula that has seen Sierra Leone achieve unprecedented economic growth, setting the standard for economic progress and success in the region. It seems the opposition would love to see Sumana being given the door as they are fully aware how much of an important asset he is to the political and economic development of the country. In a recent press conference to ‘clear the air’ of animosity being directed at him by some members of the opposition fourth-estate, Vice President Sam Sumana presented an eloquent rebuttal of some of the nasty things being written about him that left most Journalists astounded, having never experienced the charming nature of the VP before.

The focus is now on the November elections as the main opposition SLPP, have failed to convince the electorate that they are a better alternative or a force for good, as infighting and a nasty media campaign have overshadowed a political campaign that had no substance from the onset. Sierra Leone has not been fortunate in recent times to have a formidable opposition party that will call the government to account, or that will be relied upon as a proper and reputable alternative to governance if the need arise for a change in the political and economic direction of the country.



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