Malawi public officers to be trained in sign language


Public functionaries in Malawi will have a chance of being trained in sign language,as one way of promoting proper communication between the deaf and the public offices,since a breakdown in communication sometimes leads to misunderstandings which also results in sad ending, the Malawi Association of the Deaf (MANAD) has disclosed. The training session will held during the International Deaf Week,which Malawi will observe from  September 22  and September 29, MANAD Executive Director Byson Chimenya told newstimeafrica Thursday. “Some of the major activities to be held will be sign language training to public functionaries such as police and prison officers, hospital staff and secondary school teachers,” he said.

Sanctioned by the World Federation of the Deaf, the commemorative week is held between September 21 and 27 every year but Malawi will commemorate the  event between September 22 and 29 at Chinamwali ground in Zomba. “We plan to have an open day during the first day where lots of activities will take place, “disclosed the executive director, who added that during the commemorative week, the deaf community will take the opportunity to celebrate their community language, culture and history. “It will also be a chance to make the public aware of their local, state and national communities and recognize the achievements. “We will also be involved in charity work at some hospitals in and around the city,” Chimenya said.

Formed in 1992, MANAD is a national association of the deaf in Malawi, and some of its core objectives are to develop indegiuos Malawi signs language based on the cultural aspects and means of communication among the deaf people in the country; serves as an advocate of the deaf; study and implement policies having direct impact on the welfare and interests of the deaf people.

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  1. Cikose Nkonyane

    Wonderful news. I wish tht could happen with all th Sub-Saharan Regions… Well done Malawi, you are our pioneers in this field, SPECAL NEEDS EDUCATION. Thank you..

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