Three arrested in Ghana for allegedly plotting a coup against Ivory Coast

Coup Plotters

Security in Ghana has nabbed three men for allegedly trying to buy arms to execute a diabolic plan of overthrowing the government of Cote d’lvoire, where a post-election clash claimed thousands of lives, a local police officer told the press. Two of the men were Ivorians, one of whom was a 27-year-old former soldier in Ivory Coast who also holds a Malian passport while the second a 40-year-old man, is a cook and a member of an Ivorian political party against French-dominated governments. The third man was a 73-year-old Ghanaian. The two Ivorians are registered refugees residing in Ghana, the police officer told the press.

Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Stephen Andoh Kwofie, who briefed the media on Monday, said the men were arrested in Cape Coast. He said last Thursday, September 13th that the Police had information about two Ivoirians and a Ghanaian, who had held several meetings in Cape Coast to procure arms and ammunitions from Ghana in a bid to stage a coup against the ruling Ivoirian Government.

“We picked them up after they had bought AK-47 rifles from our men,” he told reporters, adding that all three had admitted they were mobilizing arms to overthrow the government of Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara.

“It appears they came to Ghana purposely to secure arms for a coup d’etat against the Ouattara government and must have been doing so in league with others,” said Andoh-Kwofie.

After the post-election war in Ivory Coast many of Gbagbo’s combatants fled to neighbouring countries such as Ghana, Togo and Nigerian. The Ouattara administration has severally complained that some of the former combatants have been planning and plotting coups from the neighbouring states. This has led to the extradition of some of the refugees. Currently a former financial minister in the Gbagbo government Justine Kone Katinan is being held in Ghana awaiting his extradition.

These developments do not bode well for Ivorian refugees in neighbouring countries. It also has the potential of creating tension between Ivory Coast and her neighbours. Having come out of a debilitating war that run down their economy and distabilsed the national plans, it’s only appropriate that Cote d’lvoire is the needed peace to rebuild her nation. That is why the effort to arrest these miscreants who are bent on using peaceful countries like Ghana to distablise Ivory Coast is welcomed.

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