Botswana citizen appreciate Ghana’s women empowerment programme

MILEAD training center in Ghana

GABORONE – Ghana’s leadership training institute MILEAD – Moremi Initiative Leadership and Empowerment Development (MILEAD), in the heart of Accra continues to empower African’s young women. Botswana has groomed two young Batswana women – in leadership skills. With an increase of women in leadership positions, two Batswana young women – Amanda Nthati Chembezi and Anne Moatshe are already highly anticipating to raise the bar amongst women in issues ranging from human rights concepts and theories, African women’s political participation, advocacy skills and economic justice, personal branding and resource mobilization following a three weeks course at the institute.

Newstime Africa interviewed Chembezi on her return from Ghana to get an insight of her training at MILEAD and benefits of the program. “The Moremi initiative was a life changing experience to me. It opened my eyes to the many women all over Africa who are doing something to build their communities and countries with very little resources. It was also a knowledge booster program,” said Chembezi.

Chembezi said the three weeks in Accra exposed her to new cultures, personalities, dreams, visions, ideas, knowledge, empowering her with necessary life skills, to work more effectively. “I learnt more than I had anticipated learning.” The young lady aged 20 wants programs like MILEAD to be encouraged in Botswana to educate more young women on leadership skills and personal roles. “I personally think if more of our older aunts and mothers and successful women can take time to share and impart their experiences and advice on younger girls, then this will be a step in the right direction,” Chembezi said.

She applauds government for numerous policies that supports equality and bridging the gap between men and women, imploring the nation to do more.  “I think it’s the mindset of young girls and how they are taught from a young age to not be too dominant in their pursuits, a statement I clearly don’t believe in.” Chembezi further commends government for educating the youth, adding a girl child should be encouraged to aspire more and push more for their dreams to be fulfilled. “I urge more young ambitious Batswana girls to apply for such training programs and pursue acquiring more knowledge, for knowledge is power.”

On her part Chembezi has already indentified a business venture to pursue in the next two to three years which she is optimistic will be sustainable, though it remains a her secret for now, while she finishes her studies – BA in Finance and Accounting. “Moremi was the foundation, it helped me get started in the sense that it opened doors and helped me network with the right prospective future partners like Anne Moatshe.” MILEAD is a lifelong fellowship network that links young women across Africa together for the benefit of a united goal and purpose. The institute offers a three and a half weeks training and online training of a year after which fellows are expected to be ready to venture into the world’s trials.

As part of the MILEAD program, every fellow is required to start a year-long community project on return to their respective country. Chembezi will be carrying out a program to improve the lives of other women in Botswana. “Apart from that, I am determined to impart a bit of everything I learned to all my colleagues, friends, sisters and those I encounter with on a personal level until a change can be seen around. Change doesn’t have to be huge to be significant, small baby steps to change are also very significant so I look to take steps daily from now on.”

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  2. amanda chembezi

    As more youth are being educated,the world and our continent can expect to see transformational results.Im excited to be apart of that movement!

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