Kenya Defence Forces have killed more than 50 Al-Shabaab fighters around Harbolle as they make their way into the interior of Kismayu in Somalia

KDF forces

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have managed to kill more than 50 Al-Shabaab militia men in the area of Harbolle as they make their way into the interior of Kismayu in Somalia. The Kenyan forces have been making tremendous gains as they strike at the very heart of the insurgents whose ability to fight back seems to have been seriously diminished since the KDF forces entered the country to root out militia men who have been attacking Kenyan towns and villages. Al-Shabaab is no more the potent force it used to be in Somalia as many of their men have been killed or captured and some of their leaders assassinated.

Kenya remains on alert as the terror threat from the loose arrangement of miltia men looms. But the former Interior Minister, the Late George Saitoti had been instrumental in starting the ongoing campaign that have led to relative calm in the country. Pockets of attacks continue, but the serious threat to the country’s security seems to have been largely removed.

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