Kenya Red Cross report confirms – 38 killed in recent attacks in Tana River village of Kilengwani

Torched houses in Tana River

A report issued by the Kenya Red Cross now confirms the death of 38 people following new ethnic clashes that broke out early Monday morning in the Tana River village of Kilengwani, south-eastern Kenya. Tacked 300 kilometres away from the capital Nairobi, the region has been witnessing a spate of ethnic clashes over the couple of months with no serious government interventions being undertaken to quell the spilling tension in the area.

In the death toll reported, 9 are said to be police officers who succumbed to the huge number as they couldn’t combat the over 300 attackers, heavily armed with crude weapons and firearms which are believed to have been obtained from the latest influx of weapons across the neighbouring war-ravaged Somalia boarder. The now volatile situation has seen over a hundred lives lost so far in the ongoing clashes since the commencement of the attacks over disputed boundaries, grazing lands, farmlands and water among the settled Pokomo farmers and neighbouring semi-nomadic Orma pastoralist communities.

Responding to the emergency alarm, the Kenya Red Cross sent its ambulances to the affected areas with paramedics who attended to over 100 people who had suffered bullet wounds, hacked by crude weapons while some escaped with sore wounds resulting from their torched houses. Despite the recent visit by the Prime Minister in the area, it now emerges that the government is doing nothing at all to curb the menace given the fact that word has it that the mayhem is being instigated by known politicians from the area.

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