Fidel Castro Odinga rubbishes peddled rumors of wife’s cheating allegations

Fidel and wife during wedding

A local news website well known for its ability to deliver steadfast news and gossip recently made headlines when it published an article articulating of just how Fidel Castro Odinga caught his newly wedded wife Lwam Bekele in a compromising position with his best friend by the names Don Bosco Gichana. The details into the allegations revealed in the article stated that Fidel had gone for a night out with his friends, just to make a surprise return to his crib, only to find Bosco having sex with his wife in a very compromising position.

Shocking as it may sound, apparently a second post by the same website insisted that Bosco was the main reason as to why Fidel broke up with his ex-wife, adding that a similar occurrence resulted to their divorce. However, links to the Odinga family have revealed that the rumours being peddled in the internet about the whole saga are very untrue and nothing of such nature ever occurred. The allegations according to Fidel are very disappointing and he’s very unhappy on the motive behind the false implications. He rather insisted that he and his one-month wedded wife are happily married and he’s still tight with his friend Don Bosco.

Going by the comments posted by readers of the article before its removal from the website, it was evident that many seemed to shift focus on his father hence politicizing the said allegations, as majority linked the Premier’s son to what was to be anticipated come the next general elections. It is uncertain as to whether the information was obtained from a creditable source given the fact that the article leaked some very private details concerning the entire saga which went further to give facts as to what caused Fidel to divorce his former wife. It would be remembered that for a fact, the main reason as to why the two divorced was as a result of what was termed as ‘irreconcilable problems’; problems that were never revealed to media sources.

This being an election year, anything goes and readers are advised to consider making their personalized opinions and avoid being influenced by others especially in matters of such magnitude.


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