As presidential elections draw closer in Sierra Leone Newstime Africa in association with Cocorioko Newspaper asks the country’s nationals in a poll who they will vote for


The stakes couldn’t be higher. The people of Sierra Leone will be heading to the polls on the 17th of November to choose their leader in a presidential election that has all the makings of a hollywood thriller. The incumbent, President Ernest Bai Koroma of the APC party, has bagged an outstanding record as Head of State for the past 5 years and has demonstrated prudent leadership by pushing the economy to world record heights as the fastest growing one in Africa with a 38% growth rate. Koroma has succeeded in courting major investors and has turned the country’s political and economic circumstances around in a very short period of time, a record that will be difficult to emulate within African standards.

Infrastructural investment has been the highlight of the Koroma leadership as road construction has taken an unprecedented priority as the President recognises the importance of networking the rural agro-based and industrial areas to the urban areas to facilitate trade and investment.

The Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) has as its aspirant for the presidency a former military dictator under whose tenure the country witnessed summary executions and arbitrary arrests of some of the nation’s finest public servants. Julius Maada Bio has been accused among other things, of selling the country’s passports to corrupt foreign businessmen and also of stealing public funds. The party itself doesn’t have a pleasant record in power, after top officials where accused of siphoning public funds and mismanaging the country’s economy. They have a difficult task in their hands of convincing the electorate for another shot at power.

Sierra Leoneans may be reluctant to change the current leadership as they have seen visible changes that were denied them by the previous SLPP regime, and to move from certainty to an uncertain future is not something most of the electorate would want to gamble on, especially when there is still fresh memories of the untold misery they suffered at the hands of the current opposition SLPP when in government.

Newstime Africa in association with Cocorioko Newspaper, Sierra Leone’s top online newspaper,  have decided to conduct a poll asking Sierra Leoneans who they prefer as their next president:


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  1. Hi!, Patrons Of Sierra Leone West Africa Et Al:

    From what’s been provided me to read, your country is doing a great, amazing job emerging from revolution. May GOD speed the processes of your progress towards your becoming a FREE & Prosperous, Independant country filled with the entrepernurial spirit it takes to re-invest humbly with the required sacrifiices it will take for you to invest some of your personal monetary rewards back into the successes of your brother & sister compatriots. Thus together you can manage to further the solid growth of your entire country, as a successful mentor to other African Countries whose progress is just as important as yours is proving to be to you today. Please also look to OUR Lord & Savior, Jesus The Christ, whose words can be made to live in OUR heart along life’s travels: Such words as “fear not little flock for it’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdome”, as found in ST Luke 12:32 or “These things have I spoken to you that my JOY might remain in you and that your JOY shall be full” from St. John 15:11. I hope you have a bible you can use to look up these versus for yourselves and read them into your minds and hearts for future referencs and assurances of how much He has to give everyone. Jesus doesn’t want US to bathe OUR nervous systems with fear but instead find ways to bathe them with JOY. None of US can go to OUR Dr. to receive JOY from OUR Dr. nor OUR Drs’ prescription for JOY which, if we could would cost US some money wouldnt it? Yet, He still puts out His FREE invitations to everyone who hears Him that He has arranged already for anyone who will to receive from Him bodless, unspeakable JOY unlimited forever, if we merely with an honest heart ask Him for it. Could anytihng be simpler or more rewarding than His divinely appointed FREE offer of JOY?

    RUSS SMITH, CALIFORNIA (One Of The Broke States)

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